Daily SPF Protection with Garnier

As I've gotten older, I've definitely become more diligent about protecting my skin from the sun's rays.  I've always been super cautious when we're out playing in the sun or on vacation - I even invested in some amazing rashguards last year that have become my must-haves at the beach.  But I had … [Read more...]

Winter Skin Salvation

The revelry has subsided and the resolutions are in. But on top of carpools, back-to-work stress, and unnerving dietary restrictions, there's one thing you need to take care of every single day without fail. And that, ladies, is your skin! From face to tootsie toes, your skin is the largest organ of … [Read more...]

Alba Botanica’s Sea Lipid Moisturizer

It seems like I'm always looking for the perfect facial moisturizer. It's not that I haven't tried some wonderful products in the past, it's more of a quest to see what's out there, what's new, what impresses, and what fails miserably. Obviously you enjoy it, too, or you wouldn't be poking … [Read more...]

Is There A Miracle Cream?

This year, I've noticed some abundance in my life. And abundance of WRINKLES. I guess it's to be expected, being 35 and all. But that doesn't mean I like it! I've never spent much time or money on my skin. I'm not sure if that's the cause of the pesky under eye wrinkles that I'm trying not … [Read more...]

Winter Tips for Face

Sleigh bells are ringing, snow is glistening, and you're love those walks through a winter wonderland, right? But along with the joy of these seasonal outdoor elements comes the stress of dry skin! Here are a few tips on keeping your best face forward during the holidays and cold months to … [Read more...]

Even engineers can have tan legs

I originally wrote this for my blog last year but with the arrival of warmer weather I figured that now is a perfect time to post it here as a public service reminder. There is no need to expose others to the potential blinding effects of the day-glo white pasty skin with all the great sunless … [Read more...]

Scandles…Moisturizer on Fire

When I first heard about Scandles, I was intrigued. After all everybody is taught not to play with fire, but here was a moisturizer you use from the hot wax of a candle! You light it, pour it, and then use the oil for massage, manicures, pedicures, and a moisturizer. I couldn't wait to try … [Read more...]