Shellac=Super Power Manicure

As green and natural as I try to be, I have one weakness; my nails. My natural nails are and have always been awful. Please don’t tell me I should change my diet or eat gelatin or try this polish or that strengthener. I have done it all and none of it works. Even pregnancy didn’t help the thin, … [Read more...]

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

A couple of month ago, I started hearing about press-on nail polish. Ready-to-use nail polish strips that require no drying time. Interested? There are several brands on the market - Sephora Chic Prints and Sally Hansen Salon Effects being the most popular. I decided to try the Sally Hansen … [Read more...]

Pedicure At Home

Budget. I'm not a big fan of the word, personally. But that's my reality. I am living on a tighter budget these days. And for a girl that loves beauty products, shopping and all those fun girly activities, it has been somewhat difficult. I really really enjoy being pampered. But … [Read more...]

Envious No More

Do you remember your first bottle of nail polish? I do. It was dark blue and was probably Wet 'n Wild brand. Since it was my only bottle at the time, I applied it often and used almost a whole bottle. Since then, I've acquired a few hundred bottles of nail polish. Hi, my name is Sarah … [Read more...]