Dare to Try… The Best of Fall Beauty

Your tan might have faded, but your spirit hasn't. As we head into fall, there's never been a better time to up the beauty ante with some of the latest products and colors on the market. So as not to obliterate the walls surrounding your comfort zone, thus throwing you even farther back in your … [Read more...]

Nars Orgasm vs. TheBalm Hot Mama

If you read my post last week you might remember that I have been considering replacing my beloved Nars Orgasm blush. While I still love the color, I had been debating if the Nars blush was worth the $25 price tag. So, in the name of comparison shopping, I decided to comparethe only way I knew … [Read more...]

The real secret behind Orgasm

I love looking at best sellers lists on websites. With so many people buying they fall into one of two categories: either the product is the latest fad spotted on a celebrity or they really are the best. After seeing Nars Orgasm blush on Sephora's best sellers list and be named the best blush on … [Read more...]