Best of the Beauty Aisle

This summer, I'm pregnant and all about saving time and money. But a girl needs her beauty staples, after all. A trip to Target with (or without!) your kids can provide cheap fun for all, and have Mama headed home with some amazing products sans the major price tag. We all love our luxe … [Read more...]

How to Choose the Right Foundation

Foundation -- A Primer Bad pun aside, I'm hoping this post will shed some light on foundation. When I worked with women in the makeup industry, my clients'  biggest struggle was always  how to choose a foundation. Women are either: A) scared of it or B) love it so much they haven't … [Read more...]

Best New Find for Summer Sun Protection

My makeup routine has to be quick. I'm guessing it's the same for many of you. There's work to get to, carpools to run, grocery shopping to be done, diapers to be changed. All that doesn't leave a whole lot of time to fuss over your face. In the past, because of my chronic time crunch, I … [Read more...]

My Night-Time Cleansing HAS To Be Easy

If my night-time routine takes more than 3-5 minutes or involves too many bottles or containers, it just won't happen. I am lazy at night! When I finally do go to bed, I want to hurry and get there and do the least amount of work. I do know that it isn't good to leave makeup on your face … [Read more...]