A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

Once a chocolate lover-always a chocolate lover, do you concur? For those of you who do, have I got a treat for you today! Let me tempt you with the enticing aroma, the decadent creamy texture, the divine sweetness...can you taste it? You want to, don't you? Well, I'm afraid you'll have to … [Read more...]

Winter Tips for Face

Sleigh bells are ringing, snow is glistening, and you're love those walks through a winter wonderland, right? But along with the joy of these seasonal outdoor elements comes the stress of dry skin! Here are a few tips on keeping your best face forward during the holidays and cold months to … [Read more...]

Severe Dry Lip Remedy That Really Works

For some reason my lips have been terribly dry this autumn season. I usually don't see the side-effects of the colder weather until January or later. And on top of that, they looked as though I had received a botched collagen injection. Not a pretty sight. In my desperate attempt to solve my … [Read more...]

Safe Beauty

As a part of my quest for greater health, I have taken a journey to find personal care products that are safe for human use. Now, let me clarify that statement. When I say "safe", I mean cosmetics and skin care that does not cause bodily harm through toxic chemicals and by-products. I think … [Read more...]

Potent and Pure: Affordable Organic Skincare

I haven't given up my efforts to find the perfect organic skincare line. You might recall a few months ago, I reviewed this. It was good, but very pricey. It left me wondering if there wasn't a natural-based skincare line out there for those of us who don't pull six-figure paychecks. You … [Read more...]

The Green Beauty Guide

***UPDATED: We have a winner! Congratulations Chel, commenter number 23! Thanks to everyone for playing along! *** Be sure to check out the super-fantastic giveaway at the end! When I was first offered an opportunity to review The Green Beauty Guide, I've got to admit, I was … [Read more...]