Project Runway Recap: The Finale!

Yes.  Finally.  It is here. After last week's sneak peek of the designer's collections, the suspense of who would be taking home the grand prize was building.  Up for grabs?  A chance to sell their collection in select Neiman Marcus stores and on, a fashion spread in Marie Claire … [Read more...]

Project Runway Recap: Episode 11

We're down to the final three which means a runway show is in our future! Usually on Project Runway, the designers are given months to prepare their collection for a highly publicized runway show, but this is All-Stars, so of course there's a bit of a twist.  The designers get off a little easy … [Read more...]

Project Runway Recap: Episode 10

Who made it to the finale? We're all DYING to know. But first the designers have to get back to business, and get through their next challenge.  Which surprisingly, involved a business portion.  Each designer was tasked with creating a ready-to-wear look that could translate across the nation … [Read more...]

Project Runway Recap: Episodes 8 & 9

Yes, a double feature!  I apologize for the delay on Episode 8 but I was on vacation and internet-less.  It put quite the damper on my online shopping! But back to the show - first a quick recap of Episode 8.  A challenge that could GREATLY benefit some countries when planning outfits for the … [Read more...]

Project Runway Exit Interview: Kara

Kara was given the boot on Project Runway All Stars last week because the judges felt that even her best wasn't up to par with her competitors. I got the chance to chat with her post-production, and here's what she had to say. What about Project Runway All Stars  made you want to be a part of … [Read more...]

Project Runway Recap: Episode 7

Big enough for Broadway!  That was theme of last night's episode.  And with the big personalities of the designers, I was expecting some outrageous designs. After sufficiently mourning the loss of Rami, the designers got to work on their next challenge: designing a look for a rich, as in super … [Read more...]

Project Runway Exit Interview: Anthony

Sigh. I wish I were writing about somebody - anybody - else this week. Anthony Williams was, by far, my favorite designer on Project Runway: All Stars. He's witty and charming, and of course, incredibly talented. I always felt like his designs were the most wear-able and well constructed. He … [Read more...]

Project Runway Exit Interview: April

This week's challenge on Project Runway was to create a dress inspired by the colors and taste of different gelato flavors for new mama/model Miranda Kerr at an industry event. Poor April was sent packing, even though {in my oh-so-humble opinion} her work was not the worst of the day. I {and a … [Read more...]

Project Runway Recap: Episode 3

Week 3 – I’m with Nicole here: The judges don’t quite seem completely comfortable in their rolls yet, and the absence of Isaac this week didn’t help matters. But this show is about the designers, right? I’ve gotta be honest here – I really thought this week’s challenge was a bit of a joke; they … [Read more...]