Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish for the Busy Mama

Life as a mom does not give me the opportunity to get my nails done nearly as often as I would like. That's the sad truth -- but it doesn't mean bad nails are the whole story. The key to an at-home manicure is a solid formula that goes on nice and opaque for minimal coats necessary, and dries … [Read more...]

Textured Nails

This summer Sally Hansen released two textured nail polishes. I happened upon them quite accidentally, on sale, at the local drugstore and had to pick some up. While both textured formulas come in a few color options I only picked one of each. Fuzzy Coat Nail Polish The first one I grabbed was the … [Read more...]

The Foot Files

Ladies, it's finally summer! You know what that means, right? There are gonna be crusty feet breaking out sandals all over the place! (Gross, I'm sorry.) But fortunately for you, I've got a quick and easy solution. Enter the Sally Hansen La Cross Foot File. This guy is awesome for … [Read more...]

Instant Buffed Nails

I have to admit that I take minimal care of my nails. I keep them very short, occassionally get manicures or buff my nails and rarely polish them anything but clear. I love for them to look nice but just don't love to invest the time into them. I chalk it up to being a busy … [Read more...]