Mix & Match Style: Old Navy Fall Style

We love getting bang for our buck. And one of the best places to get stretch those dollars is Old Navy. They’ve got a great lineup for fall, and the prices are nice. Mix and match these pieces for a wardrobe that will last you all season long! Bootcut Dark Wash Jeans -- $19.00 Mid Rise … [Read more...]

infinity scarves

I LOVE this trend! Infinity scarves give you all the style of a scarf without getting in your way. I love scarves, but whenever I lean over to load the dishwasher or anything, they unravel... annoying! Here are a few of my favorites: This scarf from Express is gorgeous! I love how it incorporates … [Read more...]

brand love: spratters and jayne

Hi, My name is Melissa and I love scarves! I have... wait let me count... Oh. My. Gosh. I have 23 scarves! (Not even counting winter scarves!) That's a little embarrassing. In my defense, my mother-in-law lives in India is always bringing me pashminas. (8 of those scarves were pashminas.) As I … [Read more...]

how to wear: scarves

One of the best tricks to instantly update your look is to add a scarf. I LOVE scarves. Look at what a difference a scarf makes to this t-shirt and jeans:They can turn your whole look up a notch and add polish. They can add a pop of color to an otherwise dull outfit. Plus, scarves not only have the … [Read more...]