An Honest Review: Bath Time Products for Kids!

Bath time is a nightly ritual in our house.  Nothing signals bedtime more than a warm bath followed by some quiet time with books.  My three year old actually prefers showers nowadays, but occasionally will sneak into the tub with his two month old brother.  Regardless of if a shower or bath is … [Read more...]

Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo to the Rescue!

Last night my husband called and said we were going out on a surprise date, so get ready. Rut-Roh.See, my hair looked like this: It had been a busy day of cleaning the house, running errands in the rain and wrangling three kids. I had not showered. Under that cozy grandma sweater, I am … [Read more...]

Free Nexxus Sample

A couple of weeks ago, I shared that I save money on haircare with the Suave Professionals line. Another way I save is by requesting free samples whenever possible. In this case, you can get a free Nexxus Shampoo (retails for $8.99), Conditioner (retails for $13.99), and Deep Conditioner (retails … [Read more...]

I’m Not Too Self Absorbed

A few weeks ago, I came back from the grocery store with a cart full of food, and a little something extra for myself. I mean, I was buying all kinds of goodies for the kiddos, so why not something for me? I couldn't help myself. On sale, I saw these. All orange and pretty, calling my … [Read more...]

Philosophy Trick-or-Treat

No Tricks...just Treats!! Welcome Fall and treat yourself to this incredible multitasking duo of high-foaming, three-in-one cleansers. Indulge yourself with heavenly Pumpkin Spice Muffin and sweet Caramel Apple. These yummy three-in-one Shampoo, Shower gel & Bubble Bath cleansers from … [Read more...]

Do You Buy Shampoo Just For The Scent?

I am drawn to shampoos for several different reasons. Sometimes it really is the scent! I went to Target and browsed around in the hair section (son kept asking,"Are you done yet??") for quite a while as I needed something new. Finally I saw this shampoo and it was the scent that caught my eye … [Read more...]

EverPure Color Care System

I used to be able to make the prideful claim that my hair had never been touched with a chemical. Well, except for that one bad perm but I really do try to forget about that. Naturally wavy hair and a spiral perm do not make for good friends. What I meant was that my dark shiny hair was my … [Read more...]