dMondaine: Where Shapewear and Sexy Meet

Have you ever had that crisis when you want to wear the granny panties because you know they'll make the dress look better, but you fear getting home and having your hub see what's underneath? Designer Kiana Anvaripour calls it the "Bridget Jones moment" and she's making it her business to ensure it … [Read more...]

Rachel Zoe for Jockey Underwear

We all know that the right underwear can make you look ten pounds lighter, but did you know that that right underwear could come from Jockey? I don't know about you, but I associate Jockey with the cheap, basic underwear I needed to upgrade from when I hit the teen years. That, or the Jockey briefs … [Read more...]

Summerweight Shapewear

Shapewear in the best of times is not what we might call ‘comfy,’ am I right, ladies? But add on the sticky summer heat and shapewear is torture! Thankfully, brands have figured this out and have started manufacturing summer shapewear. Thank you!!! Check out Cool Control shapewear by one of my … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: How To Find Swimsuits For Every Body Type

All through winter we looked wistfully at the beach, at the open pool, at the frozen lakes! Now that we can smell the summer, the wistfulness has turned into anticipation!  Are you ready for the swimsuit season?  Here are some tips before you buy the swim suit for this summer. 1. For Flattening The … [Read more...]

Best Black Tights

We recently polled All Things Chic readers to find out their favorite black tights! Perfect black tights are pitch black, matte and completely opaque. Not pantyhose sheer, with the support leggings can't offer. Who were their top picks? DKNY was mentioned by me {Girlymama}, Kara and Karla {Belly … [Read more...]

Summer Shapewear

I love me some shapewear. (Well, I don't love wearing it, but I love how it makes me look!) But in the summer, shapewear is brutal.  When summer heat turns up, the very thought of shapewear makes me sweat. Enter Cool Control shapewear by one of my favorites in shapewear, Assets by Sara Blakely. … [Read more...]

Lysse Leggings: Affordable Shaping Leggings

I've been eyeing a pair of shaping leggings for awhile now. I live in leggings in the winter. But what's been holding me back is the price. Most brands I've seen are around $100 - which is a lot to spend of jeans, never mind leggings! Well, then I heard about Lyssé Leggings and was thrilled!  … [Read more...]

SPANX: A Girl’s Best Friend

Please tell me you have at least one pair of Spanx. Everyone - no matter how slim and trim they are - needs a good pair of Spanx in their fashion arsenal. Sometimes not your clothes that are making you look bad.  Repeat after me: "Embrace the Spanx. Spanx are your friend." Spanx is on every … [Read more...]

The Shapewear Junkie Strikes Again.

It's the official Chic Critique Shapewear Ambassador here to tell you about yet another fabulous shaper I've discovered. Not too long ago, I told you about the Kymaro Body Shaper. I still love it, but it's hard to wear in the summertime because the straps often show with my skimpier summer tops. … [Read more...]