Stylish Golf Shoes. Yes, you read that right.

It sounds like an oxymoron. "Cute Golf Shoes." It just sounds strange. I usually picture old guys wearing them with tights and knickers. via But they exist! Really!! Look!!    L-R Puma, $80 | ECCO, $130 | Puma, $41 | Adidas, $100 | Nike, $100 | Puma, $80 | Puma, $80 … [Read more...]

Trend Watch: Flat Sandals

Flat sandals are a huge trend this season. And all the ladies across the country rejoice! I love it when the hottest fashion trends are comfortable and wearable, don't you!? Flat sandals go with everything from skinny jeans to shorts to skirts to dresses. Dress 'em up, dress 'em down. Just wear … [Read more...]

Trend to Try: Loafers

I feel like shoes are easier to get a little crazy with as far as trends go. When it comes to trends like red jeans or maxi skirts, I get the hesitation. Really, I do. They're a little far-fetched or impractical for your every-day life and who wants to be far-fetched and impractical? Ok, well, … [Read more...]

Walking in Heels

Every fashionista should own a killer pair of heels. Like these. :: cue drooling :: But what’s the point if you can’t strut your stuff in them? For me, walking in heels is like second-nature.  I would attribute most of this ability to the fact that I was a dancer growing up, so being … [Read more...]

Celebrity Airport Fashion

Rumor has it that Victoria Beckham packs sweats in her carry-on to change into while on the plane. That explains how she can pull off styles like these at the airport... I love Victoria's style, but I know I couldn't pull off heels like that at an airport. Especially without David Beckham to pick … [Read more...]

get the look: fit for a princess

Yes, we're all completely swooning over Kate Middleton's infamous Issa engagement dress.  And by swooning, I mean I'm totally trying to justify the $535 purchase to myself.  I can wash dishes in that dress, right?   via For those lucky enough to have enough dough … [Read more...]

shoes you need in your closet

Last week's Fashion Friday clothes every girl should own post was such a hit! Lets move on to shoes! Because shoes are awesome. Here are some essentials for your shoe wardrobe you'll wear for years to come! 1. Ballet flats - The go-anywhere, with everything shoe. They've been in style for decades … [Read more...]

Up On Platform Shoes

After college sometime ago...not too long ago...okay, long enough that we are talking about a trend coming back around. Anyway, like most grads, I set out to find a "real job." For my interviews, I knew I would need a couple of good conservative suits and a pair or two of practical shoes. … [Read more...]

Get Your Wedge on This Spring

Spring is finally here and in my house, a new season = new shoes! Like a girl REALLY needs an excuse for shoe shopping! But for today, we'll go with....."Because it's Spring!" Grab your purse ladies..........we're going shoe shopping! The biggest shoe trend this Spring is wedges. I’ve … [Read more...]