5 Minute Makeup

Confession: Until I was in college, I never wore makeup.  I know.  How I ever survived those adolescent years with nothing more than some drugstore cover-up is beyond me.  I suppose I was lucky that I did not need eyeshadow and all that jazz.  Certainly now as I'm nearing 30 (gulp) I have to apply … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty :: Dove Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant *GIVEAWAY*

As a busy mom, I am all about beauty products that save time and perform double duty, so I’d like to introduce you to Dove® Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant. Its the first and only U.S. deodorant designed to reduce underarm red and dark marks caused by shaving irritation, while also offering … [Read more...]

Meaningful Beauty :: Best of Beauty

I've been using Meaningful Beauty for almost 6 weeks now as part of the Meaningful Beauty Test Drive Campaign and I love it! . Meaningful Beauty, is the advanced anti-aging skincare system by Cindy Crawford and anti-aging specialist, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh. It promises smooth the appearance of fine … [Read more...]

Meaningful Beauty

I'm approaching a meaningful birthday. One where you have to check the next box on the survey... I have moved up an age group, folks. When did this happen? I was 22 like 5 minutes ago! Sadly, though, when I look in the mirror, there is no longer a 22-year-old looking back at me. I see the crow's … [Read more...]

Lastest Beauty Buzz: BB Creams

BB stands for Beauty Balms. These skincare-makeup hybrids, which originated in Korea, are all the rage in Asia. And they are here in a big way! They hydrate with tinted moisturizers, treat wrinkles with serum, protect with SPF... all while smoothing and perfecting skin. Its perfect for adding to a … [Read more...]

Lancome Visionnaire

Has your skin brought you to the end of your rope? Are you about ready to start researching peels, lasers and even cosmetic surgery? Wait. Try Visionnaire by Lancôme. When Jo-Lynne and I attended a Stylist Luncheon at Neiman Marcus to kick off the Fall 2011 Trends, we met the cosmetics manager … [Read more...]

And this is why I wear make-up…

In September, I received samples of Dr. Michelle Copeland's Skin Care line to review. I gave you my initial thoughts then, and having used up the products, I'll share with you my full product review now. They sent me products to help with acne, dark circles under my eyes, and general skin … [Read more...]

At My Bathroom Sink

Is there anything more coveted in the world than beautiful skin? We pore in the mirror over it, we obsess over the products that will help us achieve it, and we write endless blog posts about it. For the next two weeks, all the ladies here at Chic Critique are going to be sharing their skin … [Read more...]

Rehab for Your Skin

I've just this year really started to get serious about taking diligent care of my skin. Once I noticed sun spots that weren't there before and wrinkles getting deeper I had to do something. I've always been the lazy type when it came to skin care and I shamefully admit going to bed numerous … [Read more...]