Breathe New Life into Your Skin: A Review of Liquid Oxygen

It seems like every time you turn around, there's a new product being marketed to moms, but many of them don't cater to our real skin needs. Along with the beginnings of wrinkles (thank you, Time!), a lot of us suffer from embarrassing breakouts. But using medicated acne treatments targeted at … [Read more...]

Summer Beauty Hacks for the Busy Mama

Have you ever found yourself relaxing at the beach with the family, decided to trek up to the bathroom, and been instantly horrified by the reflection you see in the mirror? Hair in a mess, skin blotchy, minimal makeup that looked so cute at home, now sweat-streaked and spidery? We've all been … [Read more...]

Kate Somerville Talks Spring Skin

Ladies, it's that time of year again. A few warm breezes have swept from coast to coast, and some of you have probably even donned a higher hemline or lighter jacket. With the onset of spring fashion, of course, comes that of spring skin. And no matter what yours suffered these past several months, … [Read more...]

Winter Skin Salvation

The revelry has subsided and the resolutions are in. But on top of carpools, back-to-work stress, and unnerving dietary restrictions, there's one thing you need to take care of every single day without fail. And that, ladies, is your skin! From face to tootsie toes, your skin is the largest organ of … [Read more...]

Burt’s Bees Sensitive Skin Care Solutions

I have very temperamental skin. Some days it behaves. And other days, I'll slap on some moisturizer and it goes into full revolt. Dry, itchy, blotchy. Sometimes even a full-on breakout. I'm constantly switching facial cleansers and moisturizing creams in a never-ending attempt to find one that … [Read more...]

Favorite Drugstore Beauty and Hair Products

One of my favorite places to shop for beauty, skin, and hair care products is my neighborhood drugstore and the superstore where I buy my groceries.  You just can't beat the convenience, affordable prices, and even the quality is competitive to higher end department stores and retailers.  Here are … [Read more...]