Postpartum Workout Style

Being 10 weeks postpartum means it's time for me to get back in the game of getting in shape.  I've been slowly easing into it as my endurance and strength are virtually non-existent post baby.  I'm working through a Couch to 5k program (have you heard of this app?  It's awesome.  It guides you … [Read more...]

Stylish Running Tops for Busty Girls

In the last few years, I have developed a passion for running. There are many challenges when you take up a sport such as running -- joint pain, toenails turning black, developing the mental and physical stamina to sustain those long runs . . . but when you're a busty girl, you have another … [Read more...]

review: Hanes ComfortFlex Fit Bandini Bra

I recently was given Hanes new ComfortFlex Fit bandini Bra at a Hanes event and was excited to try it out. My stash of bras that are actually comfortable is seriously lacking of late. Maybe I'm getting sensitive in my old age. I did turn 32 last week. Next up? Dentures. What they say: Adjusts … [Read more...]