How to Wear Navy for Fall

Navy is one of my favorite colors. And it is perfect for fall. Any investment piece can be safely purchased in navy - its an absolute classic, looks good on everyone and neutral enough to wear with anything. A navy blazer is something every woman must own.   casual friday for fall by … [Read more...]

Stylish with a Side of Trendy

My mom always made the best of what she had. Silk purse out of sow's ears and all that. We lived in a small town on a professor's salary. And she had 4 kids. Let's say she had Bloomie's tastes on a K-Mart budget but always managed to look GREAT. Staying trendy can be mighty costly. You may be … [Read more...]

The ABC of Fashion: A Basic Closet

Now that you've cleaned up your closet (*AHEM*) cuz I know as soon as you read my post, you cast everything aside, sent your children out to play and spent all day throwing out your dirndl skirts and sweatshirts. I just know it. Now you need to start from the ground up and build A Basic Closet full … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Four For the Fourth

I have a thing about holiday dressing.  And I don't mean turkey stuffing.   I have a thing about hearts, bunnies, shamrocks, turkeys and flags draped across bazooms. I know what the 4th of July is about: celebrating, seeing neighbors, family, getting hot and sweaty... being a little silly.  Some … [Read more...]

What to Wear: Backyard Barbecue Style

Who's planning to host or attend a holiday cookout today? Raise your hand! That's a lot of hands. Now, who knows what they're wearing? Not so many, huh? If you're anything like me, you didn't give a whole lot of thought to this weekend's attire ahead of time, but when you get dressed for the … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Wide Leg Silhouette

Skinny jeans not your thing? You will be happy to know the wide leg silhouette is on trend and oh so flattering. I love a free flowing linen pant for those cool summer summer nights -- perfect for a backyard patio party or a casual lunch date. Or try a more tailored wide leg suit pant for … [Read more...]

Preparing to be the Mother of the Groom: What the Friend Should Wear

I'd helped my friend get a make-over, pick a dress and got her accessorized.  But what am I supposed to wear? I just got it in my head that I wanted a really updated look in a bright color, in the yellow- fuchsia - orange range . . . maybe a little flirty, maybe a little edgy.  And, it had to be … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Who Wears Short Shorts?

Short shorts are all the rage this year. Granted, some people probably should not be wearing short shorts. However, if you have fabulous gams, this is the year to show them off! Of course you can throw on some short shorts with a t-shirt and flip flops and call it a day. But shorts aren't … [Read more...]

Two Spring Outfits for $100!

Linen Blend Tunic ($19.50), Perfect Khaki Shorts ($19.50), Beaded Flower Bracelet ($8.80), Layered Island Necklace ($5.50), Flower Sandal ($24) TOTAL OUTFIT: $77!! Winner's Circle Tee ($48), Denim Capris ($29.50), Elliana Wedge Sandals ($24) TOTAL OUTFIT: $101 … [Read more...]