Sunburn Relief: The Natural Way

We all know better than to get a sunburn, but invariably every year there is at least one time I get caught unawares and end up with a horrible sunburn. This year it happened to my daughter . . . Read More at The Skinny by Therapon … [Read more...]

Set Your Table for the Fourth

July 4th always makes me want to break out anything I own that's red, white or blue. These cute dinner and serving dishes from Milkasa's casual line are perfect. They are from the Circle Chic and the Pure Red patterns, and right now Macy's has them deeply discounted (along with some other fantastic … [Read more...]

Kate Spade Bedding

I won't lie. I can spend a whole afternoon in Bed Bath & Beyond, just perusing the aisles, building my dream home piece by  piece. But with the addition of the Kate Spade line, I might just have to reserve a whole day for my daydreaming! There's nothing more wonderful than being able to … [Read more...]

Get Rainbow Love In Your Home

Healthful Elements I've talked some about color and its affect on our mood, health, and spiritual state, but I wanted to give you some additional tips on how to use it to enhance your lives. I truly believe when you make your living and work space not only comfortable and beautiful but active with … [Read more...]

Dream Bathrooms

We're renovating our bathroom. I'm super excited, but a little scared. Mainly because we're going to do it ourselves. (Hijinks will be involved, I'm sure.) So I've been looking at bathrooms... and drooling! I love this one! I'm completely obsessed with subway tiles - and I love adding that … [Read more...]