What to Wear to a Wedding: Late Summer Edition

Who doesn't love¬†getting dressed up to celebrate the nuptials of those we care about? But with sticky August humidity¬†holding strong and early-September heat waves totally plausible, you might have visions of sweaty pits and wrinkled silks in your head. Fret not; this wedding-obsessed gal has been … [Read more...]

Shopcade Wedding Month

Wedding season and love is in the air... Is your mailbox just full of gorgeous wedding invitations, shower invitations, engagement party invitations.... Lots of excuses to get dressed up! While I love a good excuse to buy a dress, this all starts to add up after a while. That's why accessories … [Read more...]

Best Dressed at Any Wedding: You.

It's that season, ladies, and there are so many fresh styles that work for wedding attire. We all know that wearing white is unacceptable, but what are the other guidelines to follow? What's too sexy, what's too boring? And what, pray tell, is black tie-optional? As a bride myself, I can tell you … [Read more...]