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oasis_by_Rock__AngelA blanket of pristine snow on the ground, a crisp wind from the North, the middle of winter is a time that cries out for comfort and pampering. Along with the mega dose of anything chocolate, our bodies crave soothing moisture and a sense of escape from the season that seems endless.

There’s nothing like creating an oasis of sort in your own space. Well, unless, of course, you can fly to the Caribbean for a spa day. So, let’s just talk about what every woman can experience with a little creativity.

Choose a room that is quiet and comfortable. Make it as dark as possible and light candles for relaxing ambiance. An instrumental CD playing in the background is another way to ease any tension you might be carrying. I know it can be difficult to completely relax when you have to do every thing for yourself. So, this is a great idea for two gals who are willing to trade out services. My teenage daughter and I do this once a month if we get a chance. Here’s how we set up our home spa:

Starting with a light shoulder massage, the first to go is instantly put at ease. We then do a pedicure that includes soaking, scrub, cuticle work, massage, and painting ( see recipes below). The next step requires her to lie down in preparation for the facial: cleansing, mask, and moisture with a face massage (see recipes below). Lying there for a few moments after is the best way to feel into the experience – do a little daydreaming about the islands. We have also done manicures and back massages when time was abundant.

Another idea is to have a spa party with some friends and have pampering stations that you all can rotate through. You can each take turns hosting the get together and providing the services. When my daughter and I have our “spa days” we try to use all-natural, homemade products. Though you don’t have to do this, I find it pleasant and comforting knowing that I’m putting only good things on my body and the fact that I haven’t spent any additional money doing it. Keep in mind, it’s not really the products that matter, it’s the time you spend on yourself that is important.

Our Recipes

The Lemon Steamer

To zap away dull, dry skin, simply rub a cut lemon half over face (lemons are naturally acidic and will remove flakes and smooth the skin). Next, steam face over a pot of water (use caution as you can get burned if it’s too hot) with your choice of herbs or essential oils added. I’ve used rosemary, lavender, and even cloves. After patting your face dry, it’s time for the mask.

Honey Oatmeal Mask

2 Tbs of rolled oats

2 Tbs of honey

1 Tbs of plain yogurt (optional)

Mix ingredients in a bowl and chill if you like; otherwise, room temp is fine. Apply to skin and leave on for 10 minutes. The honey may get thinner and slide a little as it warms on your skin, so I find lying down for this helpful. Rinse with warm water or use a warm, wet washcloth to remove. Now, you are ready for the massage!

1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil (you can infuse this with any scented essential oil that you want). If you have especially oily skin, you can use your usual facial lotion.

Appy the lotion/oil evenly over the face while gently massaging in a circular, upward motion. Don’t forget the neck area. This can be done for several minutes. Pat face with a clean towel to remove any excess oil.

Brown Sugar Foot Scrub

1 Tbs of brown sugar

1 tsp of extra virgin olive oil

A few drops of any scented essential oil (optional)

Mix the ingredients in a small bowl and apply over feet. Use a circular motion to remove dry, rough skin. Rinse with warm water. This recipe can be used for your hands as well.

Be creative with your home oasis! This is your time to relax and have fun. Don’t worry about the recipes being perfect; in fact, experiment with them. See what wonderful natural beauty treatments you can come up with. Don’t forget to share them with us!

Photo by Rock–Angel

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