How to Choose the Right Foundation

Foundation -- A Primer Bad pun aside, I'm hoping this post will shed some light on foundation. When I worked with women in the makeup industry, my clients'  biggest struggle was always  how to choose a foundation. Women are either: A) scared of it or B) love it so much they haven't … [Read more...]

Going “Bare” At the Mall

My Sephora Experience After spending the day roaming the mall with my teenage daughter, I had come to that place we mommies call "I'm done". With my recently sprained ankle aching and my brain on overload, I ventured into Sephora. Now, keep in mind, I really wasn't in the mood for a makeover or … [Read more...]

What’s in TidyMom’s Makeup Bag?

Hi everyone!! I'm Cheryl, aka TidyMom. I'm a 40-something {stay at home} mom to two beautiful daughters, 22 and 13. We closed a family retail business in July '08, since then I became a SAHM and my make-up routine has become much more simplistic/minimal. On my blog TidyMom, I share my … [Read more...]


I was contacted by freshMinerals, a mineral makeup line that offers great products at a a great price. I've been using mineral foundation for awhile now, but I've never used any mineral makeup beyond that.They sent me the SlyEye Collection and a Luxury lipstick to try out. What they … [Read more...]

Organic Foundation That Rocks!

First, I would like to introduce myself; I'm, of the new girls here at Chic Critique. I'm excited to bring my opinions to the CC table where they will be in good company with those of many fabulous women. You might come to know me as the "organic beauty one". I figured, I might as … [Read more...]

Why Jane Iredale is my new BFF

I've been a little slow to jump on the mineral makeup bandwagon. The reason is two-fold: 1. I'm super self-conscious of the hyperpigmentation/sun damage on my face. I prefer a liquid foundation with significant coverage -- allowing me to pretty much paint myself a perfect complexion each … [Read more...]

Make your own mineral eye shadow – Giveaway!!

This giveaway is over. Congratulations to Bianca who will be receiving the Mineral Makeup Eye Shadow Kit from Bramble Berry! I love mineral eye shadow. In my experience the colors tend to be a bit richer than regular shadow and it never irritates my contact lens wearing peepers. About a … [Read more...]

Beat the shine with mineral makeup

It has been a very busy week for me and my family. The festivities started on Sunday night with the lighting of the first candle in our menorah for Hanukkah. Today we are basking in the glow of the colored lights on the tree as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with many, many family … [Read more...]

Banish that shiny complexion with oil controling minerals

The shine is gone.  I have an oily t-zone and typically as the day progresses my forehead develops a greasy sheen.  I have tried all kinds of oil-controlling lotions and makeup.  Yet it always seems that I wind up with an oil slick across my forehead and down my nose by dinner … [Read more...]