A Ticket to Paradise

My friend, who happens to be a Mary Kay Director, invited me to be a model for a demonstration of the new Spring colors and several other MK newbies. As always, I enjoy her company and, of course, I love to try out new trends and breakthrough skin care. I took along a good friend that evening … [Read more...]

What’s in TidyMom’s Makeup Bag?

Hi everyone!! I'm Cheryl, aka TidyMom. I'm a 40-something {stay at home} mom to two beautiful daughters, 22 and 13. We closed a family retail business in July '08, since then I became a SAHM and my make-up routine has become much more simplistic/minimal. On my blog TidyMom, I share my … [Read more...]

The real secret behind Orgasm

I love looking at best sellers lists on websites. With so many people buying they fall into one of two categories: either the product is the latest fad spotted on a celebrity or they really are the best. After seeing Nars Orgasm blush on Sephora's best sellers list and be named the best blush on … [Read more...]


Here's a quick tip about powder and blush brushes. Conventional wisdom dictates using small brushes for blush application and big, fluffy brushes for powder application. This usually results in those red-slashed 80s cheeks and a dust storm of heavy matte powder. Today we know better. Today … [Read more...]