The real secret behind Orgasm

I love looking at best sellers lists on websites. With so many people buying they fall into one of two categories: either the product is the latest fad spotted on a celebrity or they really are the best. After seeing Nars Orgasm blush on Sephora’s best sellers list and be named the best blush on the market my curiosity was piqued. Yet I kept wondering just how good could it be if the marketing department had to stoop to such a racy name for this color. Plus, just what color is an orgasm? (Personally, a wild colored assortment of fireworks comes to my mind. Not exactly what I’m looking for in a blush.) Well, the Nars blush version is a pinky-peach and with peach being one of the hot colors for this season I finally had to try it.

I wasn’t too impressed when I first put it on but when I looked in the rear-view mirror to pull out of my parking space when my shopping trip was over I was surprised. It gave my cheeks a natural, healthy, slightly flushed glow (hmmmm, must be how they came up with the color name). Throughout the afternoon I continued to have people comment on how I looked somehow different. They all thought it was the glow of pregnancy shining through but I knew the real secret. I bought that blush the very next time I was at the mall.

I could end my post there but a few days after owning my own compact of Orgasm I realized the true secret of the color of this blush. People that meet my 4 year old daughter for the first time almost always notice her cheeks. She had the most adorable chubby, rosy cheeks which she got from her daddy. Well, one morning she wandered into the bathroom while I was putting on my makeup and it hit me. Nars Orgasm blush is the exact same shade as her cheeks.
Nars Orgasm vs Preschool Cheeks

I’m not exaggerating, am I? That is an exact match to my baby’s natural healthy coloring.

The only down-side is that Nars blush doesn’t seem to be as rich and long lasting as my usual blush. The pigments aren’t as strong as my bareMinerals blush so I have to use a little more but… it means that I haven’t had to worry about getting too much on my brush and overdoing it.

Think of all the times you’ve complimented a baby, toddler, little kid’s healthy rosy cheeks thinking “I wish my cheeks still looked like that.” Well, I no longer have to wish for it. I just brush it on every morning and give the apples of my cheeks a little touch-up if I’m going out again at night.

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  1. Wow! I’ve always wondered about that blush. I see it on the “Best” lists everywhere. Given your review — I can’t wait to give it a try!

  2. I LOVE this blush..I started using it about 5 months ago and it is hands down my favorite! I will never use another blush again!!
    And I’m very excited that we finally got a Sephora store in our mall. 🙂

  3. I love this blush so so much… I think I’m in my 4th or 5th compact of it!

    I love it and probably wear too much, but I just love how it looks on my cheeks.

  4. echohim says:

    After reading this, I immediately went to Sephora’s website and purchased it!

  5. Love that blush…I bought it despite the name, not because of the name.

  6. I’ve always wondered about that blush too. I think I may have to invest…

  7. echohim99 says:

    Also, I just want to say that I sent this post to some friends. One of my friends, after reading this post, also bought it and LOVES it. My other friend is waitng to see the blush I purchased to see if she likes it, and if she does, she’ll purchase it. I’ve never heard of this blush before reading Chic-Critique. How funny is that?

  8. That’s so cute! Now I really want to buy it!!