I was contacted by freshMinerals, a mineral makeup line that offers great products at a a great price. I’ve been using mineral foundation for awhile now, but I’ve never used any mineral makeup beyond that.They sent me the SlyEye Collection and a Luxury lipstick to try out.

Sly What they say:

  • Mineral make-up is the most simple and natural product you can put on your skin.
  • The ingredients in mineral make-up allow the skin to breathe and
    doesn’t block or clog the skins pores.
  • Mineral make-up offers
    protection from UVA light and protects the skin from environmental
  • Their products are water resistant, so they won’t come off with
    perspiration. freshMinerals make-up lasts all day with no need to

What I say:
I applied the black super volume mascara and black pencil liner makeup that first morning and went about my crazy busy day. My husband came home that night and asked me if I was going out.

“What? Why?”

“Your makeup!”

My eye makeup actually stayed on all day long and that was so odd that my husband noticed and mentioned it. I’ve never found mascara that stayed on like that – this is big, people. The Luxury lipstick wouldn’t budge either. Incredible.

What has sold me on freshMinerals – besides how long they last – is their prices. The SlyEye Kit is only $12. If you went to Target and picked up a mascara, an eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner – not even mineral versions – it would cost you more than that. Why wouldn’t you get for a higher quality version from freshMinerals?

Disclosure: As stated above, I received a sly eye kit and luxury lipstick to review. I was not compensated financially for this review.

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  1. I have been looking for some mineral make-up that is affordable! Great review Melissa. Thank you!

  2. I would love to try that lipstick. I’ve been looking for one that will last a long time and not dry my lips out. Also I need the perfect shade of nude.