friday fashion fix: fall dresses

I love summer dresses. I do, I do! But fall dresses are their own breed of fabulous. Paired with boots, you can't go wrong!

1. The Shirt Dress
So cute! I'm clearly all about the shirt dress, after that adorable one I picked up yesterday at H & M. But there are some super cute ones out there right now. The work for so many different body types, can be worn loose or with a belt, with boots or flats… they're a great, versitle piece to add to your wardrobe.

Express at ShopStyle

I bought one like this one last year at Old Navy and I loved wearing it with my boots in the fall – it was so cute and so comfy. Shirt dresses can be really dressed up to with tights and heels, a la this ruffled shirt dress from Gap. Or this one by Lauren by Ralph Lauren. There are zillions of cute ones out there right now. Don't forget about adding a cute belt.

The Limited at ShopStyle


2. The Sweater Dress
Oh, the sweater dress. This has to be one of my very favorite trends.  Just like the shirt dress, they can be dressed up with tights and boots or heels:

LOFT at ShopStyle

or down with jeggings:

Express at ShopStyle

They are so so very comfy as well! Bonus! There are about a zillion styles to choose from. I recommend going with a slight pattern (like the one from Limited above) and not too chunky so you add interest, but not bulk. Cause adding bulk is rarely attractive.


3. Combo dress:
This trend is still here and I'm still on the fence. I think you need a pretty average body type to pull this off – if you have a long torso or are short waisted, you might have trouble with this one.

The Limited at ShopStyle

What do you think? Yes or no?

4. Retro Dresses: One of the hottest trends right now are clothes inspired by the hit show Mad Men. They're so elegant and ladylike… What's not to love?


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