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Shopping for the average woman, chances are pretty good that you can correctly guess if she is a small, medium, or large; but when it comes to guessing a plus size woman’s size, it is pretty much next to impossible with so many choices between 14 and 32 or 1x to 6x. That is why gift certificates make such a great gift.

I know, I know, I have heard it all, “Not much thought goes into buying a gift certificate!” and “Gift certificates are the easy way out!” being the most common. Blah, blah, blah.

Trust me, a plus size woman would rather receive a few gift certificates for cool online clothing shops designed specifically for her over an item that does not fit and having to go through the humiliation of telling the person who was gracious enough to buy it that it does not fit. Chances are it will end up in a closet buried under the other gifts.

Gift Certificates from online shops open up the world of fashion for plus size women, and who would not enjoy a little guilt free shopping?

Best Shops for Gift Certificates

Here are five of my favorite plus size shops that offer online gift certificates to make your gift shopping easier and to make your receiver happy:

  • Torrid has trendy clothing for women size 12 to 26. Because they are trendy the age range tends to be younger, about 16 to 36 (but many women in their 40s love it too).
  • Kiyonna offers incredibly sharp business and special occasion attire in sizes 10 to 32.
  • Ulla Popken has everything from clothing to shoes and accessories for the career woman, mother, or stylish senior in sizes 12 to 34.
  • eShakti offers a custom fit option for a nominal fee, seriously. For like $8 you can add sleeves, lengthen (or shorten) legs or get a wider waist on any of their styles. Their main sizing goes up to 26 but they will do custom to measurements at very attractive prices.
  • Hips and Curves because every woman should have some sexy underthings whether she has a partner or not. They sexify curves in sizes 1x to 3x.

The Amount

When buying a gift certificate as a gift, make sure that it will cover the cost of at least one item and shipping. If the average cost of a top at Torrid is $30, then send a gift certificate for $45. If you want them to buy a whole outfit, look at the average cost of a top and pants (i.e $35 and $45 works out to $90 including shipping). Accessories of course would be more.The receiver should not have to put out extra money to get something she loves. But that does not mean she might not buy more if she wants to.

Plan Ahead

When do you need her to receive the gift certificate? Check companies’ gift certificate information. Can you send it on a specific date, or do you have to order the day you want it sent? Different companies have different policies. Mark your calendar if you have too. The good thing about ordering gift certificates online is that it will take you about fifteen minutes the first time, much less the next. FYI: you will generally find a link to “gift cards” or “gift certificates” at the bottom of the main page.


Before ordering anything that needs to be used online, make sure she has internet access. Or make a point of offering your computer for use (then you can “go shopping” together). But having her own access is best because she shop at 3 p.m. or at 3 a.m. — internet access is what makes shopping online fun.


Generally there are no returns on gift certificates so make sure the shop you choose fits the style of the person you are buying for and not the style you wish they would wear. Taking a general overview of each site will give you an idea of what they offer and whether or not you think it will fit your intended’s end needs.

Gift certificates can be a fun way to shop for both you and the plus size woman in your life. Enjoy the plus size women in your life, and have a fun shopping experience!

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