How to Wear a Blazer

Blazers immediately add polish and style. Now, we’re trying to avoid the 80s big shoulders, over-sized and boxy, stole-this-from-my-husband look. Your blazer should be fitted and slim — we’re going for a tailored look. There are several ways to give twists to your blazer, beyond the formal look of a suit.

First, try wearing your blazer with slim pants or leggings, maybe with a soft layering piece underneath. A feminine top helps balance the masculinity of the blazer. Perfect example? Her Royal Chicness Kate Middleton.

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Her ruffled blouse and wedges save her from with might otherwise be a boring outfit! Her look is the very definition of casual, but polished. Don’t worry if your cute top peeks out of the bottom — that’s cool!

Don’t let your blazer be too formal and stuffy! Pair your blazer with cuffed jeans and some fabulous shoes to add a feminine twist. Or find a blazer with a awesome lining and roll up the cuffs!
How to wear a blazer

Or throw a blazer on over a cute dress or a miniskirt! Perfect!

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