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My hair is my thing. If you’re in this camp, or you’re planning to make your hair your thing this Spring, now is the time to start shopping around for the perfect products. I’ve been hearing a ton of buzz about the Philip Kingsley product line so I decided to give them a try, and I couldn’t be happier. The brand’s motto, “Healthy Hair is Beautiful Hair,” pretty much sums it up. Since the line covers everything from curls to smoothing to weatherproofing (yes, I’m serious!) there will definitely be a combination that works for your unique hair needs.

Rather than many hair care companies that offer quick fixes for ongoing tress stress, the Philip Kingsley brand is all about understanding trichology (No, I didn’t know what this was either, until I looked it up. Apparently, trichology is defined as the study of the structure and function of human hair, including scalp and hair diseases and disorders). Fascinating. So, when you use a Philip Kingsley product, you aren’t just dumping straightening or glossing or curl-enhancing chemicals on your head and hoping to look pretty. Instead, you’re helping to heal and protect your hair, with the added bonus of watching its aesthetics improve.

Weatherproof hairspray, $15,

I was excited to learn that Philip Kingsley had an entire line of “weatherproof” products. For those of us who live in humid climates and prefer to keep frizz at bay, this is a must-try. I went with the weatherproof styling froth ($20) on damp hair, styled it, and followed up with weatherproof hairspray ($15) to keep things in place. The products are natural in color with no wild scents, so when you apply them you literally feel like you’re helping your strands not hurting them. This killer combo of weatherproofers stood up on an on-again-off-again rainy NYC day. Another of my favorites from their current line is the Philip Kingsley smooth cream ($35), a de-frizzer that protects your hair and adds megawatt shine, while preserving your color to boot.

An assortment of Philip Kingsley shampooing products.

Competitively priced, humidity-proof, and easy to use? I’m sold. The only thing more exciting than how great these products work is their website’s ridiculously comprehensive online presence. Their blog gives readers tons of important information on the science of haircare, like why some people’s hair won’t grow past a certain length, how to get rid of split ends, and more.

A visit to their website not only teaches you about the mechanics and potential ailments of your scalp and hair, but it provides a thorough multiple choice shopping experience detailing every single possible variable about your particular hair needs and wants, so you can devise a plan and purchase exactly what you need. From gray hair to itchy scalp to taming needs and more, the Philip Kingsley family products promises to heal and protect your tresses, making them that much glossier and more beautiful with every use. For this product junkie, that sounds like an all-around plus.

BONUS: Philip Kingsley also offers a dedicated selection of products for babies, kids and teens to suit their unique hair and skin needs.

PK Baby shampoo & bodywash, $30,

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