Summerweight Shapewear

Shapewear in the best of times is not what we might call ‘comfy,’ am I right, ladies? But add on the sticky summer heat and shapewear is torture!
Thankfully, brands have figured this out and have started manufacturing summer shapewear. Thank you!!!

Check out Cool Control shapewear by one of my favorites in shapewear, Assets by Sara Blakely. *cue angels singing*

The Cool Control collection includes both a Mid-Thigh Shaper ($26) and a Camisole ($26-28).

They feature pique inserts under bust (on the cami) and in the back and hips (for the shaper) to maximize coolness.  The Mid-Tight Shaper has a cotton liner, so you can wear it as underwear. They’re about 50% thinner, but still have plenty of sucking-in power (to use scientific terms) and are perfect for under summers light, flimsy looks.

Like all Assets shapewear, they are engineered to be invisible under clothes and are made to last!

I”ll be picking these up the next time I’m at Target! I just wish the camisole had slimmer straps – it would be more versatile under summer styles, but the collection will probably expand once word gets out! Heck, I’d even wear these in winter! The thinner and cooler my shapewear can be, the better!

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