Travel Dreaming for Fall

The school year has started and we are in full fall swing, despite the still-toasty temperatures, with school, soccer practice, dance lessons and whatnot. I’m already dreaming of our next vacation. Is that bad? Its only been like 4 days.

Earlier this month I attended a lovely event hosted by Trumpting Media in New York City that had Beaches Resorts as one of the sponsors. I had such a great time chatting from the folks from Beaches! They wanted to hear all about our favorite parts of our trip to Beaches Negril… such as  the amazing beach in Negril. Its one of the world’s most beautiful beaches for a reason!! We enjoyed snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving – and of course, a little lounging in beach chairs!!

And let’s not forget our favorite resort restaurants and the Red Lane Spa and all of the kids favorites!


We cannot recommend Beaches Resorts highly enough! Our new dream is to head to Beaches Turks and Caicos. We fell in love with snorkeling in Negril and we’ve heard that Turks and Caicos has some of the best snorkeling in the world!

My newly certified scuba diver husband found out that Beaches Turks & Caicos vacation puts you at the epicenter of a collection of world-famous dive sites that are ranked among the top two in the world by Scuba Dive magazine. Now he is DYING to go there!

For me and my husband, the best part of our Beaches vacation was simply relaxing. I had never experienced an all-inclusive resort before – and it will be hard to go anywhere else. We just… stopped. No worrying about what things cost or where we’ll eat or what activity to do or making reservations… it was all there and it was all taken care of. We were truly able to relax and unwind with our kids. The kids kept saying how much fun we were being – its incredible how freeing it is to not have to worry about those details that we parents constantly have on our minds. We were able to just enjoy our kids and enjoy being together.

Isn’t that what a dream vacation is?

disclosure: i attended this event and received a gift bag as a thank you. we visited beaches negril as part of a press trip and a portion of our travel expenses were covered.


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