J.Jill Tried and True Jeans

I confess – I have never shopped in a J.Jill store before! (I know, right? A store I haven’t shopped in!) I was excited to try out their Tried and True jeans. You can’t go wrong with a name like that! Apparently, the Tried & True Boot-Cut Jeans were just brought back to the store, due to customer’s begging for their return – so fans of these jeans are truly in love!

They arrived and I immediately liked them – They are anice, light denim that is prefect for days when you really want to wear jeans, but don’t want that bulky fabric. The fit is a bit higher on the waist than most of my other jeans, but I really liked it. The higher waist eliminates muffin top. Not that I ever have that issue after having three kids. Ahem. The fit is stretchy – but not too stretchy. The fabric doesn’t get stretched out of shape as you wear it (you know how jeans tend to get bigger as the day goes by?).

Aren’t they cute? I even included a back view… You’re welcome. These jeans have worked their way into my denim rotation and they are staying there!

Have you shopped at J. Jill? What are your thoughts?

disclosure: I received these jeans to facilitate this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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