Colored Tights: An Instant Update to Your Wardrobe

It’s amazing how just changing one part of your outfit can suddenly elevate your whole outfit to polishes, put together, and trendy. That’s exactly how I feel about colored and textured tights; they are an instant wardrobe update.

I recently wore some berry colored tights to bring a neutral summer skirt into fall, and also love to wear textured tights to dress up basic outfits too. If you aren’t sure how to rock this fun trend read on for some tips below:

Try Matching Your Shoes to Your Tights:

If you are nervous about trying this trend, start with something simple and fool proof. Wear black tights with black shoes, plum tights with plum shoes, etc. The continuity of color makes your legs look longer as a bonus.

Keep Your Outfit Simple With Bold Tights:

As much as I love bright orange tights they are not meant to be paired with a sparkly gold outfit. (Sadly, I’ve actually seen that one). If you are rocking some eye-catching tights, keep your outfit basic and monochromatic so that they are the star of the show.

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Use the Color Wheel to Find Complementary Shades:

So what if you are feeling daring and don’t want to match your tights to your outfit or shoes? Then use the color wheel as a reference for finding a complimentary tone. How about navy tights with mustard heels, pretty nice combo right?

And Finally….Sometimes it’s Okay to Break all the Rules:

Depending on your personality and style you may not want your tights to match or even compliment your outfit; in fact, you might want them to clash. If you are bold, confident, and daring – go for it! If you walk with confidence anything looks good.

Check out my colored tights inspiration board on Pinterest for more ideas!

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