Fashion Friday: NYC Edition

This year I’m in NYC for Thanksgiving and having a BLAST, despite the other eleventy zillion people who are here with me.  (Seriously. Insane.) Nothing like window shopping along 5th Avenue to get your Christmas list going, right? Ok, nothing on my list is probably on 5th, but I can still get inspired!

While NYC at Christmastime is magical, it is really cold. My uniform this week?

My Lands End Luxe Wool Coat. This coat is not only super cute, but warm as heck. I’m so warm in this coat – and the lack of collar means I can wear a cozy scarf without being too bulky.

Next is a cute hat. Definitely a must! I picked up this one at Target to go with my cute coat. And gloves.

And warm shoes are a plus, too!! I’m planning to wear my Uggs most of the time – when your feet are toasty, your whole body feels warm!

What are your must-haves for a day in the city?

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