Caring for your Swimsuit

Just in time for Spring Break and bikini season (or rock-that-one-piece season), we have a few easy tips for keeping your suit in tip-top shape! Swimsuits really have it rough between all the chlorine, salt, sand, sun, sunscreen and other lotions we use while having a great time at the beach or pool. To keep your swimsuit from loosing its shape and fading, it needs special care.

how to clean a swimsuit

1. Gentle Gentle Gentle. Hand wash you suit in cold water using gentle detergent. Woolite works great, of if you are swimming in harsh chemicals like at the public pool, you might want to spring for a Swimsuit Cleaner that will remove all that chlorine!

2. Dry Carefully. To dry, roll your suit in a towel to  wring out the water. Do not pull and twist, you’ll stretch it out of shape. If your bathing suit has molded bra cups that absorbed a lot of water, gently squeeze out excess moisture. Dry flat indoors – laying it in the sun to dry will cause fading.

3. Alternate. Its just just an excuse to buy two cute suits or mix up those straps to avoid tan lines. Just like bras, swimsuits need time to retain their shape. Wearing the same suit every day without giving the spandex time to recover will stretch it out your suit.

4. Be careful. Its tempting to sit on the side of the kiddie pool while the kids are splashing, but sit on a towel instead. Cement or bricks can cause pilling or even tear your suit. Avoid getting sunscreen on your suit – especially if you are using something oil based. Treat stains promptly.

Take care of your suits and you will look FAB all season and them some!!

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