Melt Proof Your Makeup

Its been a hot one this summer! If only we could go outside with out our makeup melting off almost immediately!

You can’t completely stop all melting when the temps really soar, but we do have a few tips to help keep your makeup from melting this summer!

keep makeup from melting

Switch to Powder
Now in the winter, creamy foundations are fabulous at making skin look perfect while moisturizing. But in the heat, they become cakey and just too heavy.  When the weather heats up, turn to powders instead of creams. The same goes for your blush and eye shadows – choose powdered eye color and blush if you’re going to be out in the heat. Creamy shadows will just crease as you sweat.

Skip the Oil
No oil-based anything. Period. Oil combined with the heat will make your makeup melt off even faster! Make sure your sunscreen is made specifically for your face, so its not making you greasy!

Use Double Duty Products
Moisturizer is still important, but skip the heavy creams, at least for your face. Go for something light and water-based. And use multi-taskers, like a BB Cream with SPF. Then, not only will you be getting sun protection, a primer and a serum in one, but it will help your skin stay matte and help your makeup stay put!

Touch Up
Pack your purse with oil blotters for when things really heat up. Don’t forget a bit of mascara and lip stick for a quick touch up when you’re on the go.

Lighten Up
Go easy. In the summer swap out the foundation for tinted moisturizer, the 4 shades of eye shadow blended together for a quick swipe of color… you’d be surprised at how a dash of waterproof mascara, a bit of powder and a swipe of lip gloss can go! The less you pile on, the less will melt off!

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