Catching Fire Tees

Are you going to get together with your friends or bond with your child over the next installment to The Hunger Games Movie? Catching Fire will be released on November 22 and whether you are going to expose yourself to the long lines on opening day or the following weeks, you can show your love for Katniss and District 12 in a plus size novelty tee from Torrid. They have an amazing size range from 0 to 5x. And when the novelty wears off you can recycle it for a sleep shirt.

Torrid's selection of plus size tees featuring the new Hunger Games movie.

Have you seen the trailer yet? I know it has gotten me excited. Here is a sneak peek in case you haven’t seen it or in case you would like to relive it again:

Have you read the books, seen the movie (s), excited to see the “girl on fire” again? Do tell!

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