Don’t Fear the Dry Clean Only Tag!

I used to avoid even clothes I had fallen totally in love with once I saw the dreaded “Dry Clean Only” tag. With  little kids who were not above using me as a human tissue, I just couldn’t afford the cleaning bills (or an added errand with toddlers in tow!)

Now I never fear the dry cleaning tag – now that I have found the household wonder that is Dryel!


In a few easy steps, you have your dry clean only clothes done on your schedule right at home!!

  • Step One: Pretreat any stains with Dryel Booster Spray. (For a really deep stain, you can used the cleansing cloth to scrub a bit – just be very gentle!)
  • Step Two: Place pretreated items in the dryer bag along with an ULTRAcleaning cloth. Place in dryer for 30 minutes to deep clean (I use a low heat setting, since my dryer is SUPER hot.)
  • Step Three: Hang clothes! You’re done!

I use Dryel at least twice a month to freshen up my sweaters and dry clean only items. I also have started washing ALL my denim in Dryel as well to help protect the color and shape of my jeans. And with NO harsh chemicals, Dryel is perfect for people with sensitive skin (like me!) It also works wonders on my husband’s work shirts. I always try to buy the no-iron ones, but they ALWAYS still needed ironing after I washed them. Which I do not have time for! With Dryel, his shirts come out clean and smooth – no ironing required! So not only do I save the time ironing, but I don’t have to run his shirts back and forth to the cleaners. And one less stop is ok with me, right, moms?

Dryel is available on Amazon and at your local store. The Starter Kit is under $15 – which around here is less than the cost of getting one dress dry cleaned! You will be amazed at how much your dry cleaning bill will go down.


disclosure: I am a Dryel Ambassador. 

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