Ju-Ju-Be, My New BFF

Oh, mamas. There is just so MUCH I didn’t understand before I had my baby. Now almost four months old, we’re getting into a groove but I’m discovering new things every day. One of these things is that my designer diaper bag, for all its stylish glory, is an unmanageable behemoth black hole where pacifiers, newborn-sized clothing, and spare diapers go to die. It is also complete with a too-thin changing pad and useless temperature-saving pockets that allow frozen breastmilk to thaw within minutes.


As a shoulder bag…

Enter my new best friend. I was given the option of reviewing a bag from Ju-Ju-Be’s extensive, mom-focused bag line and it was definitely a difficult choice, but in the end I went with one of their compact yet multifunctional styles — the B.F.F. This adaptable bag can be worn on one shoulder or as a backpack. It also sits nice and high if you hang it over the bar of your stroller for none of the dreaded mud splash I’ve been experiencing with my other bag. Furthermore, it’s also a designer item. It’s just designed with me (and my baby) in mind.

Favorite features of the bag include the magnetic closures (no loud Velcro to wake up or stress out baby), a super-comfy and cushy changing pad that wipes clean easily, gusseted pockets, proper temperature control, and even clear pockets for slipping in brag photos. Selfishly, my favorite feature is the Mom Pocket in the front with a key fob, lens-friendly sunglass sleeve, and room for my massive wallet among other things.

The day we first took my B.F.F. out for a stroll, my husband immediately remarked, “You look so unencumbered!” This was music to my ears — and spot on. As a mom I often get sick of feeling like a traveling circus. Between the stroller, the baby, the blankets, the huge diaper bag… it’s just so much. I often bring my own purse along, too, so there’s somewhere logical to keep my wallet, sunnies, keys, and so on. It’s just Crazy Town over here.


As a backpack. You would not BELIEVE how much crap I have stashed in this thing.

Two days later, I headed to a mommy-and-me event at a local children’s shop and the bag caught the eye of a lot of my fellow mamas. Everyone loved the look of it, but once I started showing off the features, including a bag of still-frozen breastmilk I had tucked into the side pocket, they were aghast. Everyone wanted my B.F.F. — I strongly encouraged them to get their own!

In short, I’m in love. I’m in love with the bag that makes me feel like not only a mom, but a person. A hip, fun person who can head out of the house with confidence (and a baby!) feeling unencumbered. The full range of Ju-Je-Be bags is designed with just this concept in mind. There’s the Be Prepared (a more traditional shape, but still compact enough to leave you feeling footloose and fancy-free), the Better Be (a fantastic messenger bag), the HoBo Be (a, well, a hobo. A really chic hobo), the Super-Be for the mega mommy with a sleek handle and so much more to offer, bags for Dad, pacifier holders… the list goes on and on.

Available in a slew of fun patterns like their Hello Kitty collaboration, new Moonbeam, dots, solids, stripes, florals, and of course my selection — Legacy, there is a style for every mom’s taste. The range also allows you to fit your Ju-Ju-Be into your budget — some styles are currently on sale for as little as $30. Mine retails at $180. Get yours today!

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