Rules to Follow When Wearing Statement Jewelry

One of the best ways to take a boring outfit and turn it brilliant is by pairing it with a piece of statement jewelry. However, there are important rules you must follow when wearing statement jewelry, or else you risk committing a fashion faux pas.

Choose One

 With statement jewelry, it’s important to remember that less is actually more. Although you may be tempted to wear the bold necklace with its matching earrings, it’s best to choose just one. Remember, the best rule to follow is to simply select one piece of statement jewelry to wear at a time. Once you have your statement piece, then you can choose matching pieces that are simple, but still complement the chosen item, such as a pair of diamond or pearl studs.

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Balance is Key

Once you have selected your statement jewelry piece, you can focus on adding other pieces of jewelry and accessories. The important rule to follow here is balance, which applies to your clothing and other accessories. For example, if you have a bold, long necklace, then you want to avoid wearing a chunky belt. YouQueen also suggests your wear simple clothes that won’t distract from your statement piece. One way to ensure that your outfit is balanced is to start with the jewelry and then build the rest of the outfit from there.

Don’t Just Use Necklaces

Many people instantly think of necklaces as the only statement pieces available, but any jewelry piece can become the focal point of your outfit. You can easily make a great statement with a bold ring, bracelet, or pair of earrings (Shamelessly Sparkly has some gorgeous chandelier earrings). Don’t forget, the same golden rule of balance remains essential even when you choose to wear a statement bracelet or ring. However, you may be able to get away with wearing a bold ring with a large pair of earrings since there is some distance between them.

Consider Necklines, Hairstyles, and Makeup

 When selecting which statement jewelry to wear with an outfit, you need to consider much more than just your other accessories. If you choose to wear a bold necklace, then you want to have a simple neckline that does not have any lace, trim, embroidery, or unique cuts. Otherwise, your neckline becomes too busy and will distract from your statement necklace. When wearing bold necklaces or earrings, your hairstyle and makeup can also complement, or detract from, your statement piece.

By following these simple rules, you can easily enhance a simple outfit with statement jewelry, whether it is a bold and trendy necklace, long and dangling earrings, a dazzling ring, a large bangle, or some other accessory.

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