An Honest Review: Hydrating Face Mist

I’ve been an avid Honest subscriber for some of our personal care products (for us and the kids!)  So far, I’ve been extremely happy with the majority of what we’ve used and will be posting some specific reviews on those products here in the next few weeks.  But first up, a review on one of Honest’s new ventures: beauty products.  I haven’t tried any of their makeup products, but they did send me a sample of the Hydrating Face Mist.  Good timing too, since we are in the midst of summer and my skin is hating this humidity!


This spray is a replenishing mist that you apply to your face either right after cleansing (in lieu of lotion) or throughout the day (if your skin needs a hydration boost or even to set your makeup if it’s a bit too powdery looking).  This mist has a light scent that’s not overpowering and contains chamomile, calendula and aloe vera to help soothe and condition your skin.

My experience: I sprayed it lightly on my forehead and around my jawline.  The mist was light and refreshing.  I’m not sure if it had any long term effects on the hydration of my skin since I use other moisturizing products, but it did provide a nice hydrating relief in the middle of the day.

Retailed for $16/3.4 fl oz

EWG has not yet rated this product, but the majority of Honest products have a rating of 1-3.


disclaimer: i wasn’t compensated financially or provided any products to review.  this product was shipped to me by Honest to try out as a subscriber of the site.  i just wanted to share what i thought of the product.

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