Put it to the Test — Nailtiques

Normally my nails are strong and healthy.  I’m not one to keep them very long, but I do like a bit of a white tip on them. 

I have an on-again, off-again affair with nail polish.  If time and money were no object, I’d get regular manicures and have painted nails all the time.

But time and money?  They’re an object.

So I save professional manicures for big events and go bare the rest of the time.  I could polish them at home, but whenever I try to polish my own nails, I always manage to mess them up before they dry completely. 

This past holiday season, I had several events that were manicure-worthy, and I enjoyed having painted nails so much that I kept them polished for about six weeks, non-stop.

When I finally took off the polish and had a good look at my nails, I was horrified to see that they were soft, weak, and peeling.  I have no idea if it was the constant nail polish or the regular and improper filing/buffing.  (I frequent the cheap-o manicure joints that saw both ways with that nail file.  I swear, they could cut down a tree they way they go at it.)  Whatever the cause, my nails were wrecked.Nailtiques_nail_protein_formula2__2

I promptly took a trip to CVS to pick up some nailtiques.

I used this product a few years ago when my nails were brittle and breaking, and I recall that it worked pretty well.  Supposedly the nailtiques products contain proteins found in healthy nails.  They make several different formulas; I chose Formula 2 for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails.

After two weeks of daily nailtiques applications, my nails are much stronger and healthier.  They are still short, as I’ve kept them filed down to keep them from breaking, but the peeling has all but stopped, and they feel stronger to the touch.

Another thing I like about the nailtiques — when I polish with regular clear polish, it never seems to stay put.  I end up peeling it off before 24 hours is up.  But nailtiques doesn’t do that.  So not only is it strengthening my nails, but it looks nice too.

Lesson learned.  Fingernails need a break from polish and filing.  And when they need some TLC, it’s nailtiques to the rescue!

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  1. I love Nailtiques! My MIL bought it for me a couple years back and I have been a fan every since. I have the absolute worst nails. Always thin, brittle, tearing. They never grow long enough to break. The Nailtiques does keep them stronger, though.

  2. I have been a fan ever since, I meant to say. Not every since. 😉

  3. So do you paint it on like polish?

  4. Kellie — Yes, exactly!

  5. I really like the individual bottles, but be careful with the post-acrylic set. I’m not sure what part caused the problem, but I broke out into a rash on every part of my face that I had touched with my fingers. Not even right afterwards either, like a whole day later I would scratch my nose and bam! Contact dermatitis. But I do have sensitive skin, so most people would probably be fine with it.