Facing the New Year: Chic Resolutions

What an incredible year! Chic-Critique has grown to lots of great writers and reviewers! There have been crazy and totally must-have products and lots of new things to share. Jo-Lynne has done an excellent job updating the header and keeping everyone excited and enthused. We are so grateful to her. Below find some of my New Year’s resolutions, then feel free to share your own, you chic babe you!


1) GET MORE SLEEP, thus reducing eye bags and dark circles:

On that note, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to cut back on writing commitments. I will be an occasional guest writer at Chic-Critique if time allows but sometimes something has to give. I look forward to reading all the great reviews because I certainly still need all the help I can get.


And of course, that leads me to my next resolution which is to READ labels. When I was at my mom’s house in NC over Thanksgiving, I accidently applied MOISTURIZING SOAP out of a little sample bottle on my face thinking it was MOISTURIZING lotion. The burning started shortly after leaving it on for a few minutes but went away. I didn’t notice the skin peeling until the next morning.

sbs-840006Able to hide my mistake until I got home, I was glad for one of the products I was sent to review earlier in the month. The Gigi Organics Detoxifying Masque saved the day and my skin. The masque uses Willow Leaf’s antibacterial properties to purify and detoxify the skin deep down while the St. John’s Wort calms and soothes skin irritation. PERFECT!

After applying the masque for 5 minutes, I washed all that dead peeling skin off. Gigi also sent the Day Hydrator SPF 15 which made a nice finishing touch since it really was LOTION versus the awful stuff I used on vacation which was NOT lotion.

The Gigi Organics Detoxifying Masque sells for $19.99 according to their press release but I am seeing $9.99 at Sally Beauty. Hop on over before the sale ends ! The lotion is selling for $14.99. Gigi Organics also sells Cleanser Plus, Nutrient Night Cream, Eye Contour Cream, and a Gentle Face Polish, all of which appear to be available at Sally Beauty for HALF the retail price in my press kit.


And finally, I was sent in the mail today the probiotic cleanser from Clinique Medical, a new line of facial products created out of a partnership with Allergan, scientifically designed and clinically proven to compliment select in-office procedures including laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Since my facial peel was self-imposed and not recommended the way I did it by applying soap instead of lotion and leaving it on overnight, I didn’t think the products would be applicable but actually this one came in handy, albeit late by a couple of weeks.

This afternoon, I used the cleanser to get ready for a little New Years Eve gathering, before putting on my make-up. I have to say that the cleanser is a nice texture, not too thick, and leaves the skin fresh and ready to apply with more goop makeup that will be washed off again later. The cleanser is recommended for post treatment and ongoing skincare.

The Clinique Medical is not available in regular department stores and is in fact distributed exclusively in doctor’s offices. Their online site will point you to an available doctor. Many long-term Clinique users know that their products do stand for quality and this product is worth looking for if you are undergoing any type of skin procedure.


I believe THAT IS IT. I can start 2009 in peace, ready to face a new year, with a very moisturized face I might add.

I wish all the readers and writers well! Stop by to see me at Genesis Moments sometime. I have also teamed up with Jo-Lynne at Reviewsings to do OTHER reviews (not makeup, don’t worry) and giveaways.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you around the blogosphere.

What are you doing to get and stay CHIC this year?

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