Because I Said So

Good Morning, Sunshine. How did you sleep?

This is your Chic Critique Mama, coming to straighten you out on… pretty much anything and everything. Aren’t moms supposed to have all the answers? (Or at least pretend to?)

I am a 53 y/o mom of many — with a few out of the nest and plenty more still sitting in the nest, wide-mouthed and waiting to be fed. I was asked to be a contributor to this beauty/fashion blog, not because of my exemplary use of make-up, nor my distinctive fashion style.

No, I can say with assurance that I was chosen for my age. I’m trying to look at it as a Senior Perk — along with the Goodwill discount I get on Tuesdays, and a cheaper breakfast at Denny’s.

So, I plan on using this space to do what all aged women do. Pass on wisdom… Mostly learned through mistakes. Kind of like a “Wish I had done THIS” column. And occasionally a “So Wish I had NOT done this” post.

Isn’t it great when you can learn from another’s mistakes?

Be honest with me, girls. Don’t you wish you could have all the money back that you spent on beauty products bought on impulse (that didn’t work) or clothes you purchased that didn’t fit quite right… but were on sale?

Mom to the rescue. Your own Mom has probably already told you what you’ll read every other week in this column, but maybe you’ll listen this time! And like a wise parent, I’m not going to make this lecture too long or you’ll start to tune me out.

My life-altering, clever, enlightening piece of beauty advice is this:

Moisturize your neck.

This may not sound like cutting-edge beauty advice, but I can’t remember hearing much about caring for the neck when I was younger. Maybe it was hidden somewhere in an AARP brochure and I never saw it — but suddenly in my mid-40’s, although my face was still nice and supple, my neck started looking like a google map of downtown Atlanta (I can see at least eight lanes intersecting!)

Definitely moisturize your face — eat right, exercise, and drink plenty of water — but don’t forget to slather some of that cream on your neck.

You’re welcome, honey.

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Written by Jo-Lynne Shane, a professional lifestyle blogger, brand advocate and community manager. Named one of Nielsen’s 50 Most Influential Women in Social Media, Jo-Lynne is best known for her award-winning lifestyle blog, Musings of a Housewife, where she dishes up an assortment of food, fashion, fitness and family travel. She has been featured on, Southern Living Magazine, and in Cosmopolitan Magazine. In the local sphere, Jo-Lynne facilitates the vibrant networking group Philly Social Media Moms, providing community, support and education for 200 area bloggers. Jo-Lynne lives and works from home in the suburbs of Philadelphia with her husband of 17 years, three lively children and one extremely spoiled shih tzu named Savannah.


  1. HA HA.

    I knew you’d be good.

  2. This is excellent and timely advice, at least for me. A few weeks back a friend in her late 40’s gasped in horror when I confessed that I don’t moisturize my neck. I have been moisturizing ever since.

    And, for the record, you were chosen for your age AND your delightful writing style AND b/c Moriah told me that you would be awesome writing beauty/fashion advice. And she was right! 🙂 Welcome aboard!!

  3. Well, well, Debbie…it’s nice to see you over here. Thanks for sharing even more of your wisdom with us! 🙂

  4. You should do this even if people mistake you for 18 because one day your neck will look 75 and your face will look 25. I’m thinking that is not going to be pretty. 🙂 Thanks for the advice…and since I’ve seen you in real life I can vouch for the fact that you do not look as old as make yourself out to be (or are…but that doesn’t sound as nice). 😉

  5. If anyone is really dying to see a picture of me, you can click on the ABOUT button at the top of the site – and scroll down until you see the curly-headed, older gal with the deer-in-the-headlights expression.
    (The picture looked better before they cropped my amazingly, good-looking son-in-law out.)

  6. You MUST have this woman back regularly. She is a genius!

  7. This is great advice, Debbie. I have seen so many women who have skipped this step in their lives. I just started neck moisturizing a few years ago and am thinking I need to add top of chest to that. Hope it isn’t too late.

  8. I suddenly have the urge to go moisturize my neck…

    Thanks for the great tip!

  9. Wonderful tip! Your witty and pithy wisdom will be heeded! ; )

    My neck thanks you!

  10. I’ve started using my toner on my neck and then moisturizing it.
    On a totally different angle, something else to help the neck skin, where the proper sized bra. If your bra isn’t doing it’s job, it’s pulling the skin (there is a name for it, which I can’t remember) down from your neck and face.

  11. I am about to turn 40. I will start moisturizing that neck right away. Thanks!

  12. You mean that waddle looking thing on my neck isn’t normal for someone my age? It could have been prevented by moisturizing and wearing the right bra? NOW you tell me!

  13. “Google map of Atlanta” made me LOL (that’s “laugh out loud”, for the over-50 crowd).

  14. Leah Blair says:

    For someone with insanely dry skin, that’s probably a good idea. I’ll have forgotten by this evening, but I had fun reading about it! Thanks for your funny way of saying things we should hear. “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down!”

  15. ha! shep cracks me up.

    i came to leave my comment here just like you said, but now i’m thinking it’s inappropriate. i wanted to let you know when i’ll be in town so we can do lunch. talk to lea. she knows the dates.

    and next time, link directly to your post. i started reading about how you always attend a black tie affair with your husband and i was thinking the florida legislature has really kicked it up a notch….then i realized it wasn’t you!

  16. I have never heard this before thanks for the advice.

  17. Oh, I’m sure I’ll be singing your praise 20 years from now! Or perhaps those who have to glance at my neck on a daily basis will…

  18. Have heard this before – I really need to get started now!