Airport Beauty

I learned a couple of important lessons last week and thought this would be a good time to share them with you.

First – don’t assume that because it is 80 degrees where you are and 60 degrees at the place you are flying to, you won’t end up stranded in an airport somewhere.

Second – it would be nice to be prepared with appropriate emergency beauty products when you are stranded in an airport so you don’t scare other travelers.

Yes, I ended up overnight in the Denver airport last week. No hotels available, no access to my checked luggage and only Burger King open for the night! Many people slept in any spot they found, but I was much too paranoid to sleep in such a public place, so I did anything I could to stay awake.

I was NOT prepared for this. The only beauty product I had in my purse was one tube of lipstick. I now know that there are a few things you should always carry in your purse, just in case!

– lipstick or 3-in-1 product to use for blush, lipstick, and eyeshadow to counteract paleness
– small tube or sample of mascara to look awake
– concealer for the dark circles that will develop under eyes
– moistened wipes in case you want to wash your face off and put makeup back on
– small tooth brush and toothpaste or at least some altoids and gum!
– small bottle of eyedrops to get the red out of your eyes
– hair accessories in case you feel like pulling your hair back or putting it up

Why oh why didn’t I have these things? Obviously so I could write this post for you!

Are you always prepared when you travel? What would you add to the list?

Lisa 🙂

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  1. Oh, a couple of years ago Clinique was giving away these little makeup palettes as part of a gift-with-purchase. I have three and I have one in my purse just about all the time. It was one square of eyeshadow, one square of blush, a tiny brush and eyeshadow applicator, and a tiny tube of lipgloss. They were about two and a half inches to a side. Really cute, REALLY useful. Even the lipgloss could do double-duty as an eye highlighter.

    Does anybody know where I can get similar palettes, BTW? I’ve been looking for years and haven’t been able to find anything remotely similar.

  2. Donna@WayMoreHomemade says:

    It’s hard with all the regulations about what you can and cannot take on board in carry-on luggage. My Mary Kay consultant gave me a sample size of eye makeup remover after mine regular sized one got confiscated at security. Sample sizes, even if they are not the brand you would normally use, are great for just these emergency situations.

  3. I would probably just avoid getting stuck in an airport all together, my friend! LOL.
    I’m so much help! LOL.
    Love you Lisa and I hope your trip home is less eventful as I may not be able to IM you for an hour like last time! LOL

  4. wow. That’s, um, SCARY!! Not you without your makeup, haha, but being stranded overnight in an airport.