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If you’re like me, the more you read the posts on this site, the more amazing products get added to your “must buy” list. I am in awe of the wealth of information shared here!

Thanks to the Chic Critique reviewers, in the last two weeks alone I have added a self-tanner, a moisturizer, a mouthwash that’s going to whiten my teeth, a lipgloss, some underwear, and even a book to my … list. Yep, that’s the only place in the budget where there is the slightest bit of discretionary income, so that’s where the funds would have to come from. We may be eatin’ beans and rice for awhile, but this cook will be lookin’ fine, and have fresh breath to boot!

So in an effort to help us all keep our “grocery budgets” in line I’m offering you a cheap, but very important summer-time beauty tip.

Vaseline. Petroleum jelly. Lubricant.

It’s the perfect addition to your summer outfit. (I live in Florida, where at this very moment we are in the middle of summer, and will be for another 9 or 10 months. For the rest of you, tuck this vital information away until sandal-weather comes your way.)

We show quite a bit of skin here in Florida during the summer, and by ‘we’ I mean even the most prudish of us.

Foot skin, that is.

The average Floridian has somewhere around a thousand pairs of flip flops…..or so. I’m always surprised to see a woman with great sandals/flip flops, beautiful toe nails, but heels that look like they’ve been in a 400 degree oven too long. To keep from having that baked-on, dried-out look I apply Vaseline to my heels every single, solitary time I put on open-heeled shoes.

It certainly helps if you occasionally use a pumice stone to remove the thicker skin on your heels, but Vaseline covers a multitude of sins, as well as gives you that shiny heel look that just screams “I’m young and malleable!”

If you use this 5 second beauty treatment on your neglected heels every day, before long they will look soft and supple, but you’ll want to keep applying that thin coat of Vaseline each time you put on your trendy, summer shoes. Nothing says “I take care of my body” quite as much as shiny, glowing heels.

And you can get it at your local grocery store 🙂

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  1. as a fellow floridian, i totally hear ya! you must not forget the “ped egg”. (sorry if this has been brought up before, i’m kinda new around here.) i think it totally blows away a pumice and any exfoliation done with a pedicure. in fact since the ped egg came out and i found a good moisturizer oh and some kickin’ polish, i haven’t had a pedicure since. and you can’t tell my soft feet are home done! it’s worth every cent. animal pad heels be gone!

  2. Thanks I needed that. Those heels are one of those things that just sneaks up on you. I remember looking down one day and thinking, “Where did THAT come from? This must be why people talk about scraping their feet!”

  3. My feet have been unusually dry lately — I’m going to blame it on Eli. (Breastfeeding, maybe?) I’ll have to try this! Only I’m worried about some of my heeled sandals… won’t I be slipping around?

  4. Yes, Jax, your feet may slip around a little in your sandals, and I guess there’s always the chance that you could fall. But just think how nice and shiny your heels will be in the ambulance and later in the ER.

    Beauty comes with a cost. Face it.

    (seriously, try to put the Vaseline on the back of the heel – the part that shows when you wear sandals – and only a light coating on the bottom.
    In most shoes, it does not cause a problem 🙂