I don’t know about you, but I’m always in search of miraculous undergarments to hold my post-childbearing body together. I’m what you’d call thin-limbed, but that means that I carry all my weight in my midsection. BLERGH.

I’ve written about several shapewear pieces over the last year or so that I’ve been running Chic Critique, but I think I’ve just discovered the best one yet. This is exactly the sort of thing I’ve been looking for. It’s the Unbelievabra Ultimate — “a bra/cami/torso slimmer all in one ($85), for the woman who wants an all-in-one bra solution.”

Here’s what they say about it:

Solutions: The miracle product’s unique patent pending design eliminates all visible bra lines, back bulges, and even the feared “muffin top,” effectively and comfortably providing superior breast support as well as slimming of the waist, tummy and back. The Unbelievabra additionally boasts molded foam cups and adjustable straps with no back bands or closures to make the undergarment practically invisible under clothing. And the hem does not roll up! The support, extended back coverage and moisture-wicking qualities of The Unbelievabra’s cropped style, “The Shortee” also makes it a great alternative to the traditional sports bra!

Content: Made from breathable cool-tex microfiber that wicks moisture from the body to keep wearers dry and comfortable all throughout the day.

Size Range: The Ultimate and Shortee Unbelievabras come in an expansive twenty-five sizes ranging from cup sizes A through E.

Founder: Stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur Staci Berner created the Unbelievabra after not being able to find a bra/shaper that had all of the features and benefits she both needed and wanted. She developed the Unbelievabra while balancing home life with a passion to create a comfortable figure-flattering garment that all women would love to wear:

“I was searching for a bra that could provide great support and shaping for my breasts, while smoothing and slimming my back all in one. I looked everywhere and bought dozens of bras and shapewear products claiming breast support and the elimination of the dreaded back fat, but none provided all the features I needed. So I took matters into my own hands and created my first prototype. When I showed friends, the response was always WOW!!, the difference is unbelievable! (hence the name),” Staci Berner, Co-Founder, Shapeez.


Here’s what I say about it: This is exactly what I’ve been looking for all my life. Well, at least for the last five years. It eliminates the dreaded back fat AND muffin top. The molded cups provide a nice shape, and the support it provides is impressive. It doesn’t QUITE keep the girls where they should be, but that’s not obvious to anyone but myself, and that’s a problem I have with traditional bras as well. In other words, that could be me, not the product. I love that it’s not so tight that it’s restricting, and because there is no binding strap around your back, it’s actually more comfortable than wearing a traditional bra.

The bottom stays put if I tuck it into my jeans. If I wear it over the top of them, however, it does ride up. (But it does not roll up, as they promise.) The riding up is not really a problem, but it’s more comfortable if it’s tucked in so it stays in place. It’s not so long that it makes an unattractive line across your bum as another shapewear product that I’ve tried.

All in all, I’m thrilled. I’ve been wearing it almost every time I put on jeans or slacks. If you’re looking for an all-in-one piece of shapewear, I highly recommend you give Shapeez a try.

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  1. This may be what I’ve been looking for MY entire life, too! That price is pretty high, though…but possibly worth it…hmmm….

    • Karen Reilly says:

      Don’t hesitate to purchase this item. It is as they say “unbelievable”. I have worn them every day for the past year and they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter – all year round. The shape and smoothing the garment gives you under sweaters and clingy fabrics is incredible. The products are all they are advertised to be and more !!!!! I’m a believer.

  2. Soooo gonna try that.

  3. I just love my new unbelievabra. To my surprise it arrived 3 days after ordering it. I tried it on immediately and don’t think I’ll wear another bra. I’m a 36 FF so it’s extremely difficult finding something that fits well. I purchased the large E and it fits perfectly, without binding and it smoothes out all the lumps and bumps. It’s So-o-o comfortable!

    Try it!! You’ll never buy another bra!

  4. This is Soooo Worth the $$$. I have been stalking the UnBelievabra website for many, many moons and just couldn’t bring myself to buy. I visited a local shop today that stocks them- Kits Well Heeled in Tampa, FL and bought one one the spot.
    I actually purchased a “similar” product last week at V’s Secret and it’s been in my trunk since I managed to pull it off my body, awaiting return. Considering I dropped $60+ on that, the price of this isn’t too outrageous. The garmet is Made in the USA which gives me warm fuzzies too!
    Totally & Completly Worth It- I’ll probably be putting my V’s Secret Bras on eBay to buy some more of these-
    If you’re thinking of doing it, go ahead, you won’t be sorry!

  5. The worst costumer service ever! I had to return a bra because it wasn’t supportive. I obtained a return authorization and sent it back the same week. They sent it back stating they didn’t have it back in their office within 15 days. I am skeptical of their claims of not receiving the bra in time. Even if it were a few days late, I notified them and received a return authorization within the time…. Costumer Service has been extremely rude and basically has a “Go F yourself” attitude. About the product, nothing special, the cups are a very cheap material, and the sizing is off. NEVER AGAIN will I do business with this company.

  6. I totally had the opposite experience as Ms Darcy. I called Shapeez to get the RA# to do an exchange and spoke with their customer service department. They were so friendly and helped me find the right size. They even have complimentary shipping for the first exchange which I thought was a plus. I have never been happier with a bra or experienced such FRIENDLY customer service.
    I always check the return policy before I purchase anything online to be sure I am aware of all time constraints. It is not the fault of a company if the customer send back something after the time limit. They are just following their company policy which the customer should know prior to ordering.
    Shapeez is the only bra I will wear again. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

  7. I must say that prayers do come true. I am a large-breasted woman who has spent so much unnecessary time trying to get a decent bra that fit me right and gave me the support I needed. Well, my prayers were answered when I discovered the Unbelievabra at Shapeez. I must say that the bra does everything the website says it does and more. No more back fat. Yaayy !!! I was really impressed by how well-made the garment is…….well-worth the price, for sure.
    I had to do a couple of exchanges before finding just the right fit and their customer service was impeccable. They helped me get the measurements right and I was completely satisfied. I ended up ordering another one too. Really good customer service.