Ugly, Even With Make-Up

Continuing on in my quest to be Mama Chic to you younger Chic-lets, I offer you this beauty tip:

Unhappy women are ugly, even with make-up and cute sandals.

It’s true. You know it is.

When a woman is happy on the inside it somehow makes its way out through the pores and onto the countenance. (Whaddyaknow? I finally found something good about having XXL pores!)

But when you’re face to face with a shrew, you don’t necessarily notice that she has the perfect shade of coral on her lips.

The best concealer on the market can not mask grumpiness and a stressed-out demeanor. But happiness and joy…Now that’s attractive! A chipper wife, mom, co-worker, or friend is a glistening jewel. No bronzer needed. And it’s contagious, to boot!

So, add a little happy to your daily beauty routine and sit back and let the compliments begin.You’ll look years younger. (And if you don’t – you won’t care!)

To start you off, here are some things that make me happy:

  • Listening to a Hank the Cowdog book on tape, especially if you have a little boy or girl to listen with. The books are hilarious, but hearing the author read them is icing on the cake. Be prepared to have coffee come out your nose.

  • Looking at my wedding album with my kids and letting them make fun of my hair (again…)

  • Splitting a chocolate chip frappacino with my teen-age daughter. And if you want to be really perky, you could get a chocolate biscotti to go with it.

  • Reading a funny book. For read-alouds, anything by Beverly Cleary is good for a few giggles. For mom-time reading, try something like Will Mrs. Major Go To Hell, byAloise Buckley Heath (doesn’t sound funny, I know…but trust me on this one.)

  • When I’m having a “troublesome” day, I try to see it through the eyes of Erma Bombeck or Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby), and envision how my day would look on a sitcom…with Diane Keaton playing me, of course. And Colin Firth as my husband!

  • Mr. Ed (the old TV classic) always cracks me up. And it’s double the pleasure if you watch him with a child who has never seen a talking horse on black and white TV.

  • Nothing says happy quite like clean, sleeping children. They look so wonderful when they’re asleep, don’t they? I kiss them on their foreheads and say “Jesus loves you, and so do I.”And even my big ol’ teen boys usually grunt out a “Jesus loves you, too, Mom” in that drowsy, compliant voice that is music to my weary ears.

  • Cute pajamas are worth their weight in gold. Go to bed happy and cute and you’ll sleep better.

  • And lastly, nothing can make a woman feel beautiful, content, and blissful like grandbabies. For you younger gals, just imagine all that love and awe you have for your own babies – but subtract all the late nights, saggy breasts, and discipline sessions. That’s what grandparenting is like.

And because I care about you (and have been looking for a way to sneak these into a post….), take a look at these and try telling me you don’t feel a little more upbeat and jolly. These are my two newest grandsons, Eli and Thomas.


Wow! You look better already.

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  1. ‘Tis true.

    And I just love squishy faces. (Not mine, though, ahem.)

  2. Good post! Between this + the Benetint lip + cheek stain I found a couple of posts down, I think I’ll be set for my summer beauty regimen. Also, the fact that one of those sweet little babies belongs to ME should make me the prettiest girl in town! (So why isn’t it working…) 🙂

  3. You are way too awesome. This is a fantastic post and a wake up call. I have already heeded your advice about taking care of the neck and chest area, not just the face. I have a feeling I’ll be bookmarking all your posts. THANK YOU.

    And btw… Bill Cosby is the best thing in the universe. I truly love him, he is my hero. “The Cosby Show” is super duper awesome. +25 points to you for mentioning this comedic genius. 😉

  4. Debbie, you are a breath of fresh air. I feel prettier already, and that’s saying something considering i’m sitting here with sleep-disheveled hair, eye jacks, and morning breath. 😉

  5. Sometimes I wonder how my kids will remember me, and I’m motivated to look more beautiful, even during the weeks when we never leave the house. Thanks for the tip! And those babies make me very happy! (Although, like Jax, I get the joy of having one of them around every day!) 🙂

  6. I’m so glad you are here. I’m so glad you took a moment to find a way to sneak in pictures of your way too cute grandbabies! I love that “ET” look on Eli(?) I can wait for grandkids, but the anticipation is a little more thrilling…

  7. Absolutely true. Catching myself in the mirror with a bad attitude is downright scary. So scary I end up practicing “happy” and smiling until the “pretty” returns.

  8. What a great post!! and I just LOVE those adorable little baby pictures!!! ♥♥


  9. Great Post! And the perfect sentiment to start the week off. Thanks!

  10. You are so right! Happiness truly is the best beautifier. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

  11. Yes, my newly forming lines are from smiles rather than frowns. That fact alone makes them more tollerable. And, I love laughing with my children.

  12. Yes, a wonderful reminder. Those pictures are TOO cute (not that you needed me to tell you that!) Oh, and I am quite curious to read that Mrs. so-and-so go to hell book.