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Hello everyone! I’m Kristin, and I am so excited to be joining all of the fabulous ladies here at Chic Critique! I’ll be posting here every other Thursday. The rest of the time, you’ll find me at Fill My Cup. I love fashion and beauty products, and I can’t wait to share my favorites with you!
After just a few weeks of summer, the heat threw me into a state of desperation. I was desperate for some eye makeup that would stay on! Never one to leave the house without painting on my face, I’d already attempted several trips to the neighborhood swimming pool wearing eyeshadow and mascara. Even though I never went underwater, somehow my eye makeup would magically disappear by the time I got home.
So I set off on an eye shadow adventure, determined to find one that would actually stay on. I headed to the mall, and surveyed everything that several makeup counters had to offer. I ended up at the Clinique counter in Dillards. After describing all of my eye shadow woes to the saleswoman, she assured me that she had just the product for me.
The Clinique Quick Eyes Cream Shadow promised me this: ” Light, velvety cream glides on vibrant colour that wears up to 10 hours, stays beautifully crease-proof and colour true. In pearly shades from subtle to high-lustre.”
quick eyes
The saleswoman told me that it was also a wonderful shadow base, and would prevent any other shadows I had from running or fading. I chose the Seashell color 09, paid the $15 and skipped home.
The first few days, I tried using it as a base. But I felt like it was altering the color of the shadow I was putting on top of it, so I started using it as my all-over lid color.
Quick Eyes comes in a small tube with a wand, and I really liked how quick and easy it was to apply. Unfortunately, “quick” also describes the drying time. It dried so quickly that it actually became hard to spread. Often I would find little clumps of the shadow on my lid during application. The wand wouldn’t smooth these clumps out, so I had to use my nail.
I loved that the shadow really DID stay put for about 10 hours. It doesn’t run or fade, and only one application per day was needed. It even withstood the sweltering NC heat.
I was suprised to find myself running out of the shadow after only 3 weeks. I decided to give it one more try, and purchased Sparkling Nude, color 01. After using it a few times, I didn’t love the color quite as much as Seashell, but it was close enough. Unfortunately, it also lasted only 3-4 weeks.
Overall, I was pleased with the way this shadow stays on. I think it truly does what it promises, and I haven’t found anything like it that is cheaper. If I had no concerns about averaging $20 per month, just for ONE eyeshadow, I’d probably keep buying it. Now that the heat of summer has passed, I’ll be reaquainting myself with my old shadows. Goodbye, Quick Eyes. I’ll see you next summer!
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  1. I really don’t need another Clinique obsession at this point in time but I might have to take this lil guy for a spin… sounds right up my alley!

    Bummer that it runs out so quickly though!

  2. Will Blog For Shoes says:

    I feel the same way about the MAC eye paint…love it, but can’t justify the price (except maybe in the hotter months!)

    May have to give this a try next year!

  3. gotta love Clinique!!

    I just keep my sunglasses on while at the pool! LOL then I don’t have to worry about how I look! LOL


  4. Okay, so I personally got to see this on Kristin the other day and she looked FABULOUS. It was Monday and she had just picked her son up from preschool looking all glam! She really wears this well.

    I always love Clinique products. I find it is usually pretty reasonably priced for department store makeup and I love the gifts with purchase. Shame this doesn’t last too long – it looks like a good product.

    Maybe just use it for special occasions!

    Welcome Kristin!!! Great first post.

  5. I’m really surprised that’s all it lasted. 3 weeks? That’s crazy. I usually end up throwing my makeup away or getting tired of it before it’s all gone. Well except for lipglosses.

    I was planning a post soon on the MAC paint pot because I love it so much. And I’ll be including pics! Stay tuned….

  6. Great post, Kristin! I look forward to reading more from you!

  7. Tatum Croft says:


    I am also a lover of Clinique products.

    Thank you for the very real and humous review! Looking forward to more.