Galvanic Spa: Amazing!

Copper_Skin_by_LadyOfVelvetThough my beloved Colts lost the Superbowl last night (tear), I’m ready for another week of blogging and caring for my children, and I’m doing it looking younger than I thought possible. How’s that, Kellie? You ask. I have been using a phenomenal anti-aging tool called a Galvanic Spa. Ever heard of it? Well, I hadn’t until last year. The concept is not new; in fact, the discovery that led to the technique we use today was found in 1791 by a man named Luigi Galvani. Furthermore, spas and estheticians have been using galvanic therapy on their clients for years. So why is it relatively unheard of? Until the Nuskin company came out with it’s portable Galvanic Spa II, you had to go to a high-priced spa or clinic to get the treatments.

What Does It Do?

The hand held Galvanic Spa II works to improve skin clarity, elasticity, tone, and overall skin and hair health by the theory that like charges oppose each other and opposites attract – similar to magnetic poles. The gentle currents actually help any products you use work better by pushing them into the skin and facilitating key ingredients.

It’s Easy and Fun

The process to do my face and neck takes about 10 minutes a few times a week – not a lot of time for the superior benefits it gives. I also use it on my stomach and the back of my arms – both areas that need some help. And my jaw dropped the first time I compared the arm I did to the other one! It tightened my skin in that area enough to visibly see the difference. Immediate results are more than fun, they initiate the happy dance! Unfortunately, I did not take photos otherwise I would have shared them with you. But here are some before and after photos from the Nuskin website:

before_afterI find these photos amazing! The thing is, I probably would have found them hard to believe if I hadn’t had my own stunning results with the Galvanic Spa II.

Pics_FaceDogEven doggies need a little help with aging.

Just Kidding!!!!!!

You can get your own Galvanic and tons more information from Jeffrie Ann Hall (a friend of mine). And, no, I wasn’t paid to say all these wonderful things about the Nuskin products; I just love what it does and think every woman needs the opportunity to try it for themselves.

Photo by LadyOfVelvet

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  1. Where’s the best place to get this? I’m intrigued. 🙂

    • Jeffrie Ann Hall says:

      Thank you, Kellie and Chic Critique for the shout out! And DeeAnn, if you would like more info click on the link in the post to visit me or visit my Skin Care Blog:
      To Chic Critique, I’ll be on your FaceBook Fan Page and see you on Twitter!

  2. I left a link in the text to a distributor who can give you the sales information. Her name is Jeffrie Ann Hall. She is an esthetician as well so she knows her stuff better than I do.

    Thanks for your interest!