L’Oreal Paris Lash Boosting Products

By now, I’m going to assume that most of us have seen Brooke Shields on TV telling us how she grew thicker, fuller lashes using Latisse. And subsequently we heard about eyelid darkening and potential changes in eye color.

Sounded intriguing, but I wasn’t going to go to my eye doctor and request a pricey prescription.

But then in early December, I got an e-mail as a member of BzzAgent, an online marketing network asking if I wanted to try the set of L’Oreal Paris Lash Boosting Products.

Yes, please!

I received the two products in the mail. L'Oreal Lash Boosting ProductsOn the left is a lengthening, 2-step mascara. On the right is the Lash Boosting Serum which was to be worn day and night on my lashline and eye lashes.

I applied the mascara on January 1st and I think I got fairly standard results from it. Because you apply the white serum coat before the mascara, I thought that my lashes looked fairly spidery and made-up – which isn’t really my preference.

Throughout the month using these products, I was constantly trying to keep the base coat from drying and giving me clumpy lashes, but I never quite got the hang of it.

As far as the serum, I applied it almost every night before bed to my lashline and also to my lashes themselves. Some nights I honestly forgot – I tend to take everything off my face before bed, not put it on!

I didn’t realize for the first week or so that I was supposed to apply this to my lashes before mascara, either. So I missed out on a week or two of that.

The one thing I have to say about wearing the serum at night is that every morning I woke up with “crusty” eyes. Goopy “eye boogers.” (Ohh the glamour!)

When I would wake up with crud in my eyes, my natural reaction is to rub them. And pick at them. And each time I swear I’d pull away a few lashes. If I hadn’t had anything in my eyes, those lashes probably would have stayed put.

And now, the photos. Top pictures are “Before” photos and the bottom photos are “After” photos.

First, without mascara. Before and After.

Bare Lashes Before and After

And then with mascara.

Mascara Lashes Before and AfterI’m not going to lie – I think my lashes look fuller in the Before photos. Upon exaimining my lashes in the mirror I believe that after using this product for a month my lashes are clumped together – permanently.

Despite a vigorous rubbing and washing they won’t seem to separate – even with the use of a lash comb. They’ve been all glued together for a month and now they seem to be stuck that way.

I definitely feel like my lashes are longer now, but it’s hard to tell in these photos. And I made the ultimate mistake of taking the “Before” photos with a flash, so there might be some shadow distortion.

For right now, I give these products a big fat “?”. I think the mascara duo is gluing my lashes together and not helping the situation. On the other hand, I do feel like my lashes feel healthier and less brittle than before.

For the next month, I’m ditching the mascara and using the serum only. I’ll be back in a month with results. (Plus, in my opinion, I think it should take longer than a month to truly “grow” more lashes.)

What do you think? Am I judging too harshly? Are my expectations too high?

(I received these products for free but received no other compensation for my review.)

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  1. Crazy! I agree, your lashes look better and fuller in the before pics 🙁 I’m glad you write about this, because I would have been tempted to try it!

  2. That’s so weird about your eyelashes staying clumped together — you should really email the company. I’d be interested in what their official response is to that. Your lashes do look slightly longer though. It will be interesting to see what happens next month…

  3. I’m actually trying the serum right now myself. I’ve only had it for about a week though. It’s not long enough to tell if it’s doing anything. I have a feeling it’s not going to do what we all hope it will. I’ll let you know how it does with my lashes.

  4. yikes! hopefully they get better….i stay away from mascara generally, but this is good to know. great review.

    on a different note, visited the bzz site and am now an agent….thanks for the tip!