Got Dry Itchy Skin?

This was originally posted February 2009, but I wanted to run it again because I am still using this every day in the Winter for my dry legs. I used it here and there over the Summer as well. It seriously works!

In the winter time the dry air really affects my skin. Specifically my legs in the shin area. I’m not one to use lotion on a regular basis but when I did in the winter it seemed pointless. My skin would still be dry flaky and itchy by the end of the day.

I needed something that would moisturize my skin and last all day.

Michelle came to my rescue when she posted her winter essentials. She mentioned using coconut oil on her hands as a moisturizer and it shielded them all day. I had some coconut oil in my pantry already so I scooped some out into a small container and I put it in the shower to use the next morning.

My theory was that applying the coconut to wet skin would be easier and would help it sink in better.

To Apply: Before I towel off I take about a quarter size amount and massage it into my shin area and then over the rest of my leg. I’ve even used on my elbows and feet. Then to towel off, I pat dry. No rubbing please!

At the end of that first day when I inspected my legs, they were not dry or flaky! And most of all they weren’t itchy!

I’m so happy to have found something that actually works for my dry itchy skin and is 100% all natural to boot!

I urge you, if you suffer from severely dry skin anytime of year, to try this. You can findCertified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil at Tropical Traditions in many sizes to suit your needs. I just discovered this company via Michelle and I’ve already ordered the liquid soapand moisturizing cream she mentioned as well. I’ve been pleased with their products so far.

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  1. i’ve been using this as well and I really like it! If you are opposed to oil but still looking for a good moisturizer, I’ve also been using JASON cocoa butter lotion:
    Also, the coconut oil is the best baby moisturizer I have found. My daughter has not had any flaky skin since day 1 of using it and it is safe to use on even the tiniest babies. Multiple kinds of baby lotion did nothing for her, but the coconut oil is perfect. So glad the word is out!