Oscar Fashion 2011

Last night was definitely an interesting night in award show fashion.  Dresses as a whole were tame but not too boring.

That being said, I feel like I found way too many flaws with too many dresses.  It is just me or am I getting jaded?

Worst Dressed

Amy Adams’ navy sparkle dress was absolutely stunning.  Unfortunately, she added that stunning emerald necklace (total overkill) and that hair was way too blah.  An updo would have made her my pick for best dressed.

Scarlett: my grandma says pull your hair out of your face.  I say you are way too pretty for a dress that photographed this badly.   A little bit of styling might have saved this look.

Nicole, fire your stylist immediately.  Yes, this dress is an architectural work of art.  But despite the fact that I love a red shoe above all else, I hate this.  Yes, it’s very fashion-y.  It’s not translating well for me.

Cate Blanchett had one of the most beautiful faces of the night, but what exactly was that giant frame on her dress supposed to be highlighting?  She has a fabulous body but this dress did her no favors.  Say no to odd embellishments.

Melissa Leo was probably the biggest miss of the night.  I’m not sure what the idea was – a glittery dress beneath a lace doily is never a good idea.  Ever ever ever.

Michelle Williams was another flawless face on the red carpet last night – does anyone else see Audrey Hepburn in her face??  The details on this dress (it looks like tons of tiny pearls) are stunning but unfortunately I feel like it didn’t photograph too well.  A little more color would have been welcome.

Many fashionistas on twitter were raving about Mila Kunis’ dress, but all I could think of was how uncomfortable it is going to be when she has to peel the lace pasties off her chest.  The color is great though – she definitely stood out.

Best Dressed

Since announcing her pregnancy, I have been a bit worried about Natalie Portman – her dress choices have been less than stellar.  Fortunately, she redeemed herself quite a bit last night.  I wish she had showed off the bump a bit more, but the color makes her glow.

Despite the fact that feathers might be a bit overdone , I loved Hilary Swank’s dress.  The metallic color and ombre effect were quite stunning with her coloring.

Helen Mirren debuted a new shorter haircut last night… and reminded all the thirty-year-olds that sixty is the new 20.  This steel color made her hair pop!

Despite the fact that I think Reese looks a cross between the original Barbie and Julia Roberts in 2001, her look was classic and timeless.  A bit stiff, but this look will never look dated.  Her emerald earrings were amazing – they made her eyes pop.

Sandra Bullock, what can I say?  You are a legend and this dress certainly proved it.  I only wish the top was fitted a teeny-tiny bit better.  Doesn’t matter though, those red lips sealed the deal: stunning.

This is a controversial pick for one of the best dressed, but I loved Gwyneth.  Not many people can pull off this much metallic in such an unforgiving cut, but I think it worked.  Her hair was boring as all get out, and it’s posible that this dress was a bit under-done for The Academy Awards… but it works.

Is it me or were there far too many missteps on the red carpet this year?

Call me crazy, but I feel like everybody could have used a tweak or two towards perfection.

Photo Credits: Getty Images.

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    • Vanessa says:

      I am having trouble with the pictures too! I couldn’t see them in my email either. (And it’s just not this post but others too)